Businesswoman of the Year Award

Sponsorship opportunities available for this year's Business Woman of the Year.

The Award

Our Businesswoman of the Year Award is something to be very proud of. She has proved that she is the best of the best and really done something significant in the businessworld. Nominate a businesswoman for this category if she has grown her business or advanced her career in a noteworthy way. She needs to be truly exceptional and stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

The Nominees

Vote for your favourite businesswoman , book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested.

2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Carri Nicholson
  2. Gayathrie Seewoosurrun
  3. Laura Butcher
  4. Lee Lam
  5. Sam Pearce
  6. Saskia Volders
  7. Sheila Stamp

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