What do Business Women Want?



Can you believe that it’s been 16 years since this fantastic movie, What Women Want, was released? Wow where have the years gone! Well we have a similar but different question to ask you today – What do Business Women Want? This is an important question for us at the Women’s Business Club because there is so much out there these days that you are left with choice paralysis. Every second person claims to be a business coach or a trainer and has a lovely looking package that you can buy to get your business to grow. This is all good and well but I have watched many of our members take or programmes and packages but I have yet to see any real results. We too have been offering such things but are taking a step back now to find our what business women really want.

Below are some questions to stir your thinking, please do tell us what you want – we don’t want to have to put someone in a bath tub with a hairdryer to try and figure out your needs. We are committed to created the best possible services to support you, the business woman. In your reply please use the question number followed by your thoughts.

Guide questions:

  1. Would you a like a business mentor? If so what for? What would you like to pay for mentoring?
  2. Would you like business training? If so what areas do you need training and what format would you like your training in e.g. online, webinar, onsite classroom, chat room style, etc?
  3. Would you like to meet up with other business women? If so what would you like to do when you meet up? What do you love/hate about networking at the moment? What do you think could be done better?
  4. What keeps you awake at night worrying? How can we help with that?
  5. What help do you need with your business right now? Do you have a budget for this?
  6. Why are you in business, the real reason?
  7. What is keeping you in business because earning a living from employment is much easier?
  8. In an idea world, if money were no object, what help would you like in your business?

There are some guide questions to help you express you wants but please don’t feel limited by them, if you have anything else to say just say so. Hopefully, the end result will be that we can give you more of what you want!

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