Business Women Become Abolitionists 

WOMEN’S BUSINESS CLUB and Safe From Slavery are launching a new initiative, Women Against Slavery, at an event on 24th March, 7pm at Jurys Inn, to work together in partnership to fight against human trafficking, the fastest growing crime in the world.  According to the United Nations, more than 32 million people were trafficked globally in 2015 for labour or sexual exploitation and the number has been increasing every year for the past decade. Sexual exploitation is exploding as criminal gangs realise that women can be ‘sold’ over and over again, making it potentially an even more profitable crime than selling drugs.

Trafficking for sexual exploitation is happening in every region of the U.K. Many British girls and young women are being groomed by recruiters that pose as “dangerous lover boys” whose role is to romance and isolate these girls in preparation for sexual exploitation. These “dangerous lover boys” prey on the vulnerabilities of these soon-to-be victims, and once the grooming process is completed, they then turn to coercion and physical and/or sexual abuse to ensure submission and compliance. A common practice used by recruiters and pimps is to use threats against the victims’ families and friends. Feeling ashamed, alone, frightened and isolated, victims become traumatised to the point of complying in order to ensure the safety of those they love. This dehumanising experience makes escaping the cycle of abuse seem impossible. This is how women can be trafficked from city to city, town to town and across countries without being discovered.

In 2014, Safe From Slavery opened Naomi’s House, the first long-term trauma-based recovery home in the U.K for rescued female victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  SFS offers survivors safe accommodation and a holistic programme of restoration through a variety of  services and opportunities that empower and encourage residents to experience personal growth and healing from trauma. The charity aims to meet the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of every resident by facilitating access to health care and providing trauma-focused counselling, skill-building workshops, recreational and leisure activities, friendship and mentoring, educational and vocational training, and preparation for employment and independent living. Women are referred to us through other charities who are in contact with survivors who  have been rescued or have escaped trafficking. Safe From Slavery is now working with other organisations to develop similar programmes and safe houses in other areas of the UK. To date, there have been many celebrations amongst the women who have entered the programme, with most of them going on to live independent, productive lives within safe communities and a zero percent of recidivism.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.” Join the movement StopSlavery  Tweet This!

Women and girls become vulnerable to exploitation for many reasons, but there is hope.  By bringing this crime out of the shadows and raising awareness of its destructive nature to our young women and our society, we can fight against it in very real terms. This is where you can help.  By becoming active as a woman against slavery you can:

  • Raise awareness and help to protect women and girls avoid exploitation by supporting companies and organisations with anti-trafficking policies and displaying the Women Against Slavery logo in your business’ marketing​
  • Support financially through fundraising and sponsorship of Naomi’s House to enable the victims of trafficking to heal, find restoration and pursue an independent life after abuse free from fear and harm​
  • Become involved in advocacy for better anti-trafficking laws, policing and sentencing of traffickers
  • Lobby companies and organisations to introduce anti-trafficking policies

Join Women Against Slavery on 24th March at Jurys Inn to begin your fight against modern day slavery.  One person can make a huge difference and together we can create a tide of change. To register for tickets to the event, go

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”  –  William Wilberforce  English politician, philanthropist, and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade



Angela De Souza, Women’s Business Club 07530 259 140
Sue Cartner, Naomi’s House, 07853 404 250

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