Business Mum of the Year Award

Codex Beauty is rewriting the rules of clean beauty and is proudly sponsoring this year's Business Mum of the Year.

Codex Beauty is spearheading the next generation of ultra-clean beauty, with a revolutionary plant based preservative system and bio-airless sugarcane derived packaging. By using science to supercharge nature, our products deliver proven results. By minimizing our carbon footprint in every aspect of our business, we work with and for our planet. All of our products have independent third-party certifications and verifications to prove it. We’ve Cleaned Up Clean

Ancient Herbal Formulations Supercharged with Modern Science.

Across the globe, Codex Beauty is discovering and reinventing how some historical formulations, traditionally passed down through families or tribes, and used for skincare, can be reinvented and improved with modern day science to bring you state-of-the-art pure and effective skincare.

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The Award

The Business Mum Award goes to a businesswoman who has really stood out with her incredible worklife balance. She has built a phenomenal business whilst juggling her children and family life. This award is not for a supermum who is perfect, because that doesn't exist, but for a mum who has done a great job of facing the challenges and coming out on top. We want to salute her and acknowledge a job well done!

The Nominees

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2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Catherine Glazebrook 
  2. Cathy Birch 
  3. Clare Clifford
  4. Crystal Cole
  5. Sabrina Ellis
  6. Sarah Roberts

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