Business Leader’s Academy

The Business Leader’s Academy is an exclusive, intensive program designed to take you beyond what you ever thought you were capable of in business and life. It covers the essential basics of business and then challenges you with some new ideas of how you see yourself as a leader and how to become the leader you never thought you could be. Everyone is a leader in their sphere of influence from mothers leading their family to corporate executives leading their international team – but not everyone chooses to lead.You will learn how you can better impact, inspire and influence your world and create a better income in the process. No matter what your industry or business you are about to discover how to become a sought-after leader in your field. But that’s just a fraction of what you’ll take away with you from the Business Leader’s Academy. This essential training will also show you step-by-step how to design your business so you can stop trading your time for money and instead live the life you love, by doing the work you love, with people you love. Our 10-week program cost only £699 +VAT.

Join the Business Leaders Academy if you are a business owner who:

  • wants to significantly increase your income through understanding the power of your influence.
  • wants to niche and become an expert in your field.
  • understands the importance of positioning to get ahead of competitors.
  • know you need to increase your income by working smarter, not harder and longer.
  • is looking for a way to get business coming to you rather than you having to go out continually searching for it.
  • is an industry expert who wants to be seen as a key person of influence so you get paid what you truly deserve.


  1. Leadership Myths: Understanding what leadership is and how to use it to build a successful business.
  2. Leadership Responsibility: Understanding that there is a price to pay to get ahead.
  3. Leadership Expertise: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses to maximise your potential.
  4. Leadership of People: Understanding their strengths and weaknesses to get the best from your team.
  5. Leadership Boundaries: Understanding your limits and their expectations to stop haemorrhaging profits.
  6. Leadership Culture: Understanding creative leadership to build your tribe.
  7. Leadership Communication: Understanding how to communicate vision effectively to get people passionate about your business.
  8. Leadership Servanthood: Understanding their pain and problems for long-term loyalty.
  9. Leadership Failure: Understanding the opportunities of failing for business innovation.
  10. Leadership Conflict: Understanding the benefits of disputes for synergy solutions.

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I highly recommend Angela, she combines great vision and enthusiasm for the big picture with remarkable hands-on knowledge. Angela is someone who makes things happen and leads from the front – yet is happy to coach and develop colleagues and members of her team. It has been a delight to work with her, her knowledge is top notch and I recommend her to anyone with business challenges at any level.” – Nigel Knowlman, Chartered Marketer