Business Growth – Laser clarity will help multiply your sales

Let’s be honest – you deserve a LOT more clients and money. To have as many customers as you can handle…. In fact those customers deserve to have you helping them too. You deserve to feel successful… on the crest of a wave. Yet, however good you are, today there is a gap. You need and want more sales!

The Show Stopper So what’s the issue? Most of my clients are eager to increase sales….. the sooner the better….. but they have rarely defined exactly how many clients or how much money they wanted. It’s strange. Whenever I coach a Managing Director, as soon as they set a clear outcome – they immediately make faster progress.

Let me tell you a story A year or so ago, I coached Gerry, the MD of a virtual secretarial company. She was due to have her first baby 9 weeks later. The company was doing ok but she was really worried about how she would keep it going with the baby coming. I guided her to define what she really wanted to achieve. She told me how many customers she had and how much work they currently brought in. Then she defined the exact amount of sales growth she wanted to see from her business over the next 2 years. I think she had been scared to define what she really wanted until she was confronted with my question! Yet,once she had stated the outcome she really wanted she then easily worked out how she would make it happen… In just one hour she had a plan and was totally confident she could set it all up properly – mostly before the baby arrived. If Gerry can do that with a baby on the way, imagine what you can achieve! I also track UK companies that are growing at 15% or more, year after year. They are impressive organizations. Every single one of them sets very clear, inspiring goals for what they will achieve. That is one of the reasons they are so successful.

3 simple steps to define your objective Pinpoint a time in the future e.g. 1 or 2 years from now. Select an objective that will really inspire you e.g. £120,000 revenue for the year and 60% profit by the end of 2 years– bringing you in enough money to support you and your children comfortably, pay for 2 lovely holidays a year and save money to start building a safe future. Now ask yourself, on a scale of 1- 10, where 10 is “the most exciting thing you can think of achieving in the next 2 years”, how do you score the objective you have written down? If you did not give it 10/10 – what is the missing piece? Done? Congratulations. You have just taken an important step towards building the future you want.

Now make it work for you

Now you have a clear objective you can build on it in 5 ways:a. Visualize what it will be like to have achieved your goal. b. Just like Gerry, objectively, compare where you are today with where you want to be. c. Now work out the best steps to take you from where you are to achieve your objective. d. What action will you take immediately? Go on – start that now. e. Finally write out your objective or find a picture that, for you, embodies it.
This is your future – what are you waiting for?
By Jane Bromley
Strategenic Ltd
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