Business Conference Reports Staggering ROI Within Weeks

Feedback has started coming in from the recent Women’s Business Conference and it is astounding. I have stuck by my guns and insisted that we aim for a more concentrated but high-quality audience made up of influential women with a budget and the authority to make decisions on the spot. Many have frowned on my methods, some professionals have advised me to allow free entry to boost the delegate numbers and give the exhibitors better value.

Business Conference 2019

As one who exhibits regularly, this simply didn’t sit right with me. I loathe going to huge business shows where I have to have hundreds of meaningless conversations like a stuck record only to discover that after a great deal of expense, my team and I get little or no return on our investment. It’s very bonding and a lot of fun for the team but once you have added up the exhibition costs, promotional merchandise, meals, hotels, travel and overtime for staff you realise that it’s quite a significant expense. We are very strategic and have a really good grasp on how to exhibit well and convert, yet most business shows require a significant amount of conversations, tons of giveaways, days of admin and follow-ups afterward and a very disappointing return.

Business Conference 2019

I am so proud to boast with some of the feedback that has started coming in from our event and it was only two weeks ago, I expect much more to come.

“I recently exhibited at a two-day business show that claimed over 5,000 delegates but have already seen a significantly higher number of sales from the Women’s Business Conference. Fantastic event, thank you Angela and please keep us involved with everything you are doing next year!” – Forbes Contributor and Business Growth Expert

“It’s been crazy busy since the Women’s Business Conference. I have had 3 enquiries off the back of it for 2020 already and a nice meaty piece of business for next October. Very pleased.” – National Hotel Chain Sales Director

I am so pleased that our conference not only supports and celebrates businesswomen from across the UK but that it is a high-quality event that offers a good ROI for all who participate from delegate all the way to sponsors. It’s not to soon to get involved in our 2020 conferences, we expect to sell out so reserve your place now – see

Business Conference 2019

Creative Business of 2019 Runner-up, Candice Westgate from So Blooming Beautiful

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