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Our Burton on Trent meetups are super friendly and you can expect to find women of all shapes and sizes, dressed in a variety of styles and passionate about all sorts of things. In a nutshell we are all different and at various stages of our business journey but the one thing that we have in common is that we are women who support women and absolutely everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you, connect you with the Burton on Trent business community and support you in your Success Story.

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Business Lunch Tickets

We don't yet have a Business Lunch set up in the Burton on Trent area. They are super easy to run and there are no fees involved so you can get started right away! If you are interested simply fill in the form and tick the Business Lunch box on this page.

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We don't yet have Tribe Nights set up in the Burton on Trent area. They are super easy to run and there are no fees involved so you can get started right away! If you are interested simply fill in the form and tick the Tribe Night box on this page.

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CONNECT OVER COFFEE in a relaxed co-working setting with like-minded women in business at the Burton on Trent Women's Business Club. Our Mocha Mornings are perfect for women who want to pop by for a natter or a morning of co-working.

Women's Business Club - Mocha Morning

If you are working from home and need to get out and speak to grown ups or a successful career woman who just needs to escape the office, then our Mocha Mornings are for you. Our relaxed and informal Mocha Mornings are available between 10:00 to 12:30 at a stylish venue. You can nip in and out any time that pleases you for a natter and casual networking or bring your laptop and settle in for a full morning of co-working with other Burton on Trent women.

There is no format, pitches or speakers, it is quite simply turn up whenever you like, enjoy meeting other businesswomen and leave when you need to.

All welcome, there are no fees or charges but pre-booking is essential. You will be welcomed by the Mocha Morning leader and shown to where you can buy your own drinks. If you would like to be introduced to anyone in particular or a feeling a little shy let your leader know, she is there to support you in any way possible.


CONNECT OVER LUNCH with successful, authentic, like-minded women in business at the Burton on Trent Women's Business Club. Be inspired by our top class business talks and get support in our mini-mastermind that will leave you raring to go.

Women's Business Club - Business Lunch

If you are a company director trapped in the daily grind and too busy for lunch, you will find our Women's Business Club a breath of fresh air. Our businesses lunches are designed to help you create, build and share your success story locally with Burton on Trent women in business as well as through our national network. Giving you friendly, local support and connections as well as access to a wider national network of business contacts and opportunities.

What to expect:

  • 11:30   A friendly welcome and some informal networking
  • 12:00   Introductions - 60 seconds to pitch your business.
  • 12:25   Member Spotlight - 5 minutes to shine.
  • 12:30   Lunch - a healthy buffet so you can pick and choose.
  • 13:00   Talk - an inspiring talk from experts in their field.
  • 13:30   Wonderbra - lifting and supporting you in your business by bouncing ideas and challenges around.
  • 14:00   End

Visitors are welcome and may visit twice before deciding on membership.


CONNECT OVER DRINKS AND NIBBLES with women who totally ‘get’ what it feels like to be you at the Burton on Trent Women's Business Club. Let your hair down and enjoy relaxed and social business networking with a speaker.

Women's Business Club - Tribe Nights

Our Tribe Nights are mini-eco systems of encouragement and empowerment for women who have or would like to start a business or would like to meetup with other women after work in a relaxed by business focused event. We’ve partnered up with stylish venues, in the very heart of your community, to host our meetups, where you buy your own drinks and nibbles.

The Power Hour:
Our Power Hours are designed to empower you and inspire you. We partner up with female experts to deliver these regularly at your monthly meet ups. We’re talking expert knowledge, fierce female panels, inspire and connect sessions. Everything you need on your journey to help you up your game.

Membership £150 + vat:
You are very welcome to come along as a guest once to a Tribe Night before making the decision to joining your local tribe as a member. Members may attend any one of our Tribe Nights per month for free. Find our more about Tribe Night membership.

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Burton on Trent Leader

Juliette Addis, Moca Morning Leader
Juliette Addis, Moca Morning Leader

Juliette, the owner of three separate business and a passionate networker, has had a varied and colourful life and career. For many years she was a GP practice manager and after craving a change she went to university in her 40’s and came out the other end with a law degree! Then after practicing law for a few years, unfortunately life had a full turn in store. She collapsed at work and ended up in critical care and ended up taking a couple of years to recover. At that point, she needed to make a change in her life and follow her dreams. Today, after 17 years of working in the field of coaching, healing and meditation work, Juliette is able to help more and more women tap into their true selves and overcome the barriers that hold them back from achieving their dreams, personally and professionally.

Growing up I have always been the 'go to' person for everyone to talk to about their problems, even though I battled with shyness and social anxiety for most of my life. This led me to train as a Life Coach and embark on a journey of self-discovery for myself as well as being able to help individuals all over the globe. Through meditation and energy healing, I overcame my inner fears and shyness and therefore due to my experience wanted to focus on helping other women do the same.

Recently, I achieved one of my other lifetime goals of becoming a Fitness Instructor, which I previously thought was not possible due to my age. But I did it and today I also teach women Nirvana Fitness Classes, which incorporates Mindfulness and Meditation with Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi influenced moves and breathwork in addition to my other services.</em

Juliette is doing what she loves and in seeing her clients achieve success and happiness lifts her up every time. If this shy, anxious girl can overcome her fears and do what she loves in life, every woman can.

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What People Are Saying

"An innovative and impressive way to bring powerful women together. After each lunch, I felt and learned something new it is amazing how you can give and receive strength during an amazing get-together. The attention to every small detail has built a need and necessity together with a luxury." - Sabrina Kaur

"Fantastic way to meet people, get advice and share stories about your business and your aims. I've met some great contacts and have already formed business partnerships through some of them. A friendly, informal, welcome and open forum for all topics. Highly recommend." - Caroline Anne

"The clubs are second to none with knowledge and understanding. My only regret with the Women's Business Club is not joining earlier. Thoroughly informative, an interesting and diverse range of women with so much to offer each other." - Danielle Holmes

Don't forget about the highlight of our year when all our clubs come together from across the country for one whole day along with hundreds of visitors (all welcome) to our Women's Business Conference & Awards every December in Manchester. Find out more at www.womensbusiness.club/conference