Building A Stronger Visual Identity For Your Business

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what people do when it comes to your business. Poor branding, a dated website and visuals that look amateur or odd will not resonate well with potential clients. Creating the right visual impression for your business is important, and you could be missing out if yours isn’t up to scratch.

Do you think your business could do with a fresher, better look? Here are some of the ways you can build a stronger visual identity for your business.

Simplify your logo

Your logo is important to your business. It is used everywhere and can become as familiar to a client as your name. Having a fussy, complicated logo is something of the past, and current design trends favour logos that are simple, clean and impactful. Even popular fashion brands are simplifying their logos by adopting cleaner fonts, or using an outline version of their logo.

However, simple doesn’t have to mean boring. You can find some brilliant simple logo ideas that keep things interesting while giving a modern look to a brand or business. A simple logo is easy to replicate and use anywhere, giving you endless options for using your logo in the future.

Refresh your website

It doesn’t take long for a website to become outdated. Having a regular refresh of your business’ website should be an important part of your online strategy, helping to make sure you don’t fall behind.

It can be difficult as an insider to see how your website could be improved. Hiring web design services, however, will give you a professional insight into how your website can be better, and offer some design suggestions that will help your business stand out. Like your logo, think about keeping things clean and simple to create a good impression on visitors. 

Implement your brand everywhere

Once you’ve got a brand in place, it’s important to ensure that you use it everywhere. From your signage to your email signatures, look for opportunities to use your brand to encourage recognition and show people what your business is about. Jot down all of the possible ways you can use your branding to help make a splash around your business.

Use better photography

Photography is more important than you might think for a business. People like to make a connection with a business, and using authentic photographs that evoke emotions and connections can help pay off. Avoid using terrible stock photography – people are wiser to it now than they used to be, and your business could be ridiculed as a result of using it!

Your business’ visual identity is the element that people see first, so making those brilliant first impressions matters. With the right visuals in place, you can go on to grow your brand and make a real success of your business. Analyse your visual identity and see how you can make those positive improvements.

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