Building a Digital Business Form the Ground Up


If you were building a house, you wouldn’t start with the roof and the walls so that it looks like a house from the get-go; most people would agree that’s not the best way to build a house and will probably lead to an early collapse. It’s the very same with a new business. Even if you’ve been in the business for a while, a new business needs to be carefully constructed from the ground up. Here’s how. 



The internet has opened up new spaces for products and brands to express themselves; this has resulted in an ever more narrow approach to launching products and marketing. If you want to get a product or brand off the ground these days, you need to microniche. 

Micro-niching allows you to narrow the sphere of influence for a new product or brand; it allows you to grow an audience and research the market before monetizing a product or scaling a business. 



There’s no point in launching a new product, service, or brand to an untested market. Even if you get some success, it won’t be the kind of success you might expect if you were to carry out effective market research and target the right audience segments.

Before you go any further, you need to validate your product to ensure its growth potential. If you have been working in your niche for some time now, you should have an idea of how the product performs. Try to monetize small parts of it to see if you have traction.  



These days a website is central to everything you do on and offline. A website not only consolidates your business image and philosophy it also influences your mobile services and facilitates payments. Pay special attention to your website before moving to the next stage and ensure it is user-friendly. 

Websites today must be user-friendly. There is a strong tidal movement these days with search engines and website Web Design companies all optimizing websites for user experience. Don’t live in the past when it comes to your website design.   



The growth and traction funnel is your next step on the way to building your business into a resilient and profitable enterprise. The growth and traction funnel is a way of developing your product or brand through experimentation, marketing, product and data analysis, and engineering.

Once again, there is no hurry to launch your product into a potentially disinterested marketplace. If you’ve operated in a niche for some time already, you will already have some data on the potential of the product. It’s now time to test and experiment with different audiences and markets to make sure the product will be viable when launched.  



Once you have the market research and data analysis carried out, it’s time to launch your product and scale your business. Having done the groundwork with the microniche and traction funnel, you should have built a solid foundation for your business; you will know the target audience more clearly and the viability of the product. Stay in communication with your audience and continue to adapt the product. 



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