Barnet Tribe Night – Theme – Confidence

Want to attract more clients to your business? The secret lies in not WHAT  you’re doing but WHO you’re being.
Click the link to join us online via Zoom on Friday 17th at 7:30 where you will leave with tools to powerfully show up in your business

An opportunity not to be missed.

Some information on the talk:
S.H.E Method: How to increase self-confidence so you can improve your online visibility without having to fake it to you make it
The truth about real confidence and how to completely own it
How to find what limiting beliefs are sabotaging your confidence with one quick trick
Discover how to step into the powerful version of you unapologetically with a group confidence activation hypnosis

Biography: Ruth-Ellen is a hypnotherapist, NLP & alignment coach. Ruth-Ellen empowers
women to claim the business that is aligned with their soul by helping them break any vows
they’ve unconsciously made to play small in business.
With an endless number of NLP Master tools and transformational hypnotherapy women will
dissolve any labels (after all #labelsareforjarsnotpeople) so you can show up confidently in
your business online and offline.


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