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Ladies! Have you got a great idea for a business but don’t want to give up your day job? We have a great opportunity for you! Crowdfunder has launched their Side Hustle competition! Use their platform to test your idea, find new customers and make your first sale. It’s really easy to enter. Just check the competition criteria and tell them your idea in 100 words or less before 23 October 2019 to get started.

Only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK are women. If women started businesses at the same rate as men, it would add £250bn to the UK economy. Crowdfunder set up Back Her Business in partnership with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank to help women get their ideas off the ground. Crowdfunder are offering coaching, support, grant funding and an exclusive platform where women can turn their ideas into businesses through crowdfunding.

Back Her Business Natwest Crowdfunder

Both we and Crowdfunder have big ambitions, and we know we can’t close the gender gap for good without collaborating with others. Throughout the year Crowdfunder are running specially ‘limited time’ campaigns to help encourage new women onto the programme. Best of all, you can meet the Crowdfunder team in person at this year's Women's Business Conference.

Crowdfunder is offering up to £100,000 for side hustles in October

Crowdfunder has launched a campaign to find women who want to test a new business idea and make their first sale through crowdfunding. The call for entry for new business ideas runs for two weeks and gives women the chance to enter for a share in £100,000.

Entering is easy

Any woman can tell Crowdfunder an idea in 100 words or less along with a few details about herself at any point during the call for entry period, 9 to 23 October 2019. Everyone who meets the criteria will be invited to join Launchpad, Crowdfunder's women-only crowdfunding accelerator programme, and then crowdfund to raise money for a chance at prizes and grant funding from the banks.

Ladies, stop putting off your Side Hustle idea! Here’s your chance at a slice of £100K to make it happen. @crowdfunderuk have cash prizes and BackHerBusiness grants from @NatWestBusiness ready for the taking. Enter today at BHBSideHustle   Tweet This!

What’s up for grabs?

  • Crowdfunders could win a share of £20,000 in cash prizes:
    1 x £10,000
    1 x £5,000
    2 x £2,500
  • Ability to get a share of £80,000 in grant funding (up to £500 maximum grant per project)
  • We’ll be everyone’s first customer with a £50 pledge to get started
  • Plus the full package of support and benefits of the Back Her Business programme

Enter from Wednesday 9 October, 9am - Wednesday 23 October, midday

Key information

Entrants to the competition must:

• Identify as a female
• Live in the UK
• Must be 18 years or over

And the entering project must be:

• UK based
• Either majority (50-100%) owned or controlled by women and/or woman-led (a woman must be responsible for the day-to-day decision making)

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