Angela De Souza

I am a mother of four amazing children, one grandchild and married to a very handsome Brazilian man! In my spare time I am an author, speaker, trainer and business mentor. My favourite thing to do is play my piano and sing (loudly and out of tune I'm afraid) as well as go for long walks or short runs! We have some seriously cute British shorthair cats that we breed and if you come visit you may end up with cute kittens climbing up your leg. Mostly I love connecting, supporting and empowering business women through our awesome Women's Business Club.

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Rich Chicken Curry in Bengali spices with a Akhni Pulao

Cheshire welcomes its first dedicated Indian Cookery School and plastic free spice store

Grand Opening Ceremony for the public on 23rd June at 10am My Curry Club – Cheshire’s very first dedicated Indian Cookery School is due to open their doors at Cranage Trade Park. The business has already won third place at Salters Den this year and has been busy inspiring and teaching luxury home-based classes throughout 2018
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Her Way to the Top: The Glass Ceiling Is Thicker Than It Looks Book by Hira Ali

Her Way To The Top by Hira Ali takes an honest look at the many challenges women face as they attempt to climb the professional ladder. Her journey from Pakistan, to Dubai and then to London opened her eyes to the fact that women across the globe are facing the same struggles in their professional
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