Angela De Souza

I am a mother of four amazing children, one grandchild and married to a very handsome Brazilian man! In my spare time I am an author, speaker, trainer and business mentor. My favourite thing to do is play my piano and sing (loudly and out of tune I'm afraid) as well as go for long walks or short runs! We have some seriously cute British shorthair cats that we breed and if you come visit you may end up with cute kittens climbing up your leg. Mostly I love connecting, supporting and empowering business women through our awesome Women's Business Club.

Posts by Angela De Souza

Editor’s Choice – LivOliv Nailpolish

Susan from LivOliv very kindly send me some of her nail polishes to review and I absolutely love them! The most obvious thing to start off with is that her LivOliv nail polishes are Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic and Vegan and have a strong recycling policy. They recycle everything where possible, re-using packaging from parcels from their
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100 Years Since Women Got the Vote – But Our Society is Still Sexist?

It is inspiring in this centenary year to hear about the formidable work of the Suffragette and Suffragist movements, securing for women the right to vote and stand for election – it’s part of the basic history of our “island story” that is seldom told. Much has been achieved as a result of this change
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