Angela De Souza

I am a mother of four amazing children, one grandchild and married to a very handsome Brazilian man! In my spare time I am an author, speaker, trainer and business mentor. My favourite thing to do is play my piano and sing (loudly and out of tune I'm afraid) as well as go for long walks or short runs! We have some seriously cute British shorthair cats that we breed and if you come visit you may end up with cute kittens climbing up your leg. Mostly I love connecting, supporting and empowering business women through our awesome Women's Business Club.

Posts by Angela De Souza

What does GDPR mean for Print Marketing?

The new GDPR legislation doesn’t only affect digital marketing, it also has an impact on traditional print channels. Romax, a direct marketing firm based in London, have taken a little look at what GDPR means for print marketing communications. Let’s dive in. You may need to update some of your print collateral The first thing
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Tips for boosting business in Wales

Did you know that over 80% of Welsh speakers will be more likely to choose a business or service (and to remain loyal to that business) if it uses the Welsh language?[i] There are over half a million Welsh speakers in Wales (with that number set to grow) – that’s a lot of loyal customers!
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