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Nearly Half of Women Make Up STEM Employment

According to reports collected by Fresh Student Living, the number of women in degree courses compared to men has almost doubled in just ten years as women are 35% more likely to go to Uni than men.  In fact, further research shows women currently make up 47% of employees in ‘male dominated’ STEM subjects with a quarter of the jobs in mathematical sciences and
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Saira Hussain WON in The 12th Annual PRECIOUS Awards

The Awards, growing in stature with each passing year, attracts an audience of the influential to the aspirational, across all sections of society from Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Baroness Amos, Michelle Obama to the thousands of dedicated and avid PRECIOUS fans, eager to celebrate inspiring women. Winners and finalists of PRECIOUS Awards stand out from
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What do you think of when you hear PR?

What do you think of when you hear PR? Starting a new company is a great way of hearing quickly from lots of people what they  think you actually do for a living.  Within the first six months of starting my business, Rockallwight PR, it became clear that when it comes to definitions and understanding
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Micro Needle Therapy Treatment

Marie Brobyn provides natural, anti-aging skin needling treatments that enhance your beauty from the inside out! Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA)Commonly known as cosmetic acupuncture, FEA is a holistic anti-aging treatment that, in the first instance, utilises acupuncture points in order to improve your skin’s elasticity and enhance your appearance. Aiming to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment
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The 40th edition Business Show this November

Around 25,000 businesses will attend Europe’s largest business exhibition at London’s ExCeL on 14 & 15 Nov, 2018. Boasting a world-class line up of innovative supplier exhibitors, expert-led seminars, interactive masterclasses, and our carefully crafted business zones – The 40th edition Business Show will provide everything from advice on finance and entrepreneurship to guidance on
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personal branding

Personal branding – your image is part of your brand!

Is your image recognisable?  Have you spent a bit of money on a great photographer to get a really good photo that you use on your LinkedIn profile, on your business cards and on any other social media feeds you use?  If it’s a stretch at the moment – find a friend who takes good
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eprivacy regulations

ePrivacy – what does it mean for my business?

ePrivacy – what does it mean for my business? Well, over the last few decades the internet, combined with the development of electronic communications, has revolutionised the way we go about our business. Interconnectivity has become an integral part of our lives. But with it comes a host of ethical and practical problems: How can
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Supporting the empowerment of women worldwide with hand bags!

WIN THIS! Midi Sakura in Black Leather Priorities your essentials! Minimal, organised and convertible. The Midi Sakura’s classic style makes it the perfect ‘grab and go’ pouch for lighter adventures. The Midi Sakura features a three pocket design like the smaller version, with a main expandable zipped pouch, and magnetic closure pockets on both the front and
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What does GDPR mean for Print Marketing?

The new GDPR legislation doesn’t only affect digital marketing, it also has an impact on traditional print channels. Romax, a direct marketing firm based in London, have taken a little look at what GDPR means for print marketing communications. Let’s dive in. You may need to update some of your print collateral The first thing
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Tips for boosting business in Wales

Did you know that over 80% of Welsh speakers will be more likely to choose a business or service (and to remain loyal to that business) if it uses the Welsh language?[i] There are over half a million Welsh speakers in Wales (with that number set to grow) – that’s a lot of loyal customers!
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