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My Fit Life Coaching Breakthrough Session with Nicky Harverson

WIN! A ‘Breakthrough Session’ with Nicky Harverson from My Fit Life Coaching. This session is great to take in the New Year as it will help you get clarity on your 2018 goals. Whether that is looking to improve your fitness, take on a new challenge or find more time to put life in your
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NoLoGo Chic – A Dress For All Seasons

  “Because It’s Summer Somewhere” “I have journeyed far and wide in my career as a designer, from Italy to India, Paris to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and beyond. I have been honoured to design alongside inspiring crafts people, working tirelessly to continue traditions such as block printing, hand embroidery, batik, dip dye
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From Russia with Love

I am Nadezhda Hardiman and my business name is From Russia with Love. I provide ladies with makeup and hairstyling, skin care consultations and eyebrow services. How long have you been a member of the Women’s Business Club and why did you join? The first time I joined Women’s Business Club was 4 years ago,
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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to post a website to the internet, without this you cannot show off your website to the rest of the wonderful world. Think about the files and folders on your computer. They are stored on the hard disk of your desktop or laptop computer, ready for you
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Fleur Sexton, taking a personal stand for education.

Fleur Sexton, the managing director and co-founder of PET-Xi Training in Coventry, West Midlands, risked everything from her own health to the family home in her quest to build one of the UK’s most successful training and education operations. The Beginning The idea to set-up a training and education company started when I was working
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Angela Spang: The Serial Entrepreneur

Former Ballerina and working mother of two becomes First Women’s Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Angela is the founder of 7 companies including June Medical and The London Medical Academy, LMEDAC.  Not only is Angela a successful business woman but she is overtly passionate about making a difference with the companies that she has created. Her desire to expand knowledge provides real benefit to many women and shows how passion in the search for excellence can often go hand in hand with success. 

Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum – which Cryptocurrency is Best and is Blockchain the Way Forward?

Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum – which Cryptocurrency is best and is blockchain the way forward? There are many questions and possibly a great deal of money to be made for early adopters. But is it too late to be called an early adopter? Quite possibly as Cryptocurrency isn’t new anymore, it’s been around for quite some
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How do you know your website is performing well?

It’s all well having a website, but is it performing well? You should find out about your website performance. These days everyone knows that having a website designed with your audience’s needs in mind is crucial. They simply sit back and wait for traffic, sales leads and conversions to pile in. But very often this
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My Fit Life Coaching Breakthrough Sessions

BE CURIOUS : BE COURAGEOUS : BE ADVENTUROUS It is a simple idea to be curious about your life. To explore the potential you have to live the way you want. It then takes courage to take action and to live the way you design it, especially if you need to transition from the person
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Your A – Z of Offline Networking Success

Networking is an essential in today’s crowded business world, yet so many of us run in horror from the thought of it. The idea of walking into a room full of people fills some people with total dread. Others seem to network naturally when they’re away from work but as soon as they’re at a
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