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08 August – Connecting Your World

Networking effectively

It’s not what you know but who you know! Have you ever heard this saying? Do you believe it to be true? Ask any successful business owner and they will all say the same thing, that there were key people that they needed along the pathway to success. Without these key people and their network, they might never have been where they are today. No one builds a great business alone. Join us in August as we help you begin the exciting journey of connecting your world!


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In August you will:

  • Identify key people in your world
  • Build a network around you
  • Grow your networking skills
  • Learn how to use your network effectively

Join us at one of our August events as we take a look at how to become more effective in your networking at our Business Lunches or Mastermind Boardroom. Find dates and locations at www.calendar.womensbusiness.club

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