Women’s Business Awards AU

Women's Business Awards

Women's Business Club presents the 2021

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Do you know a hard-working woman that deserves some recognition?
Why not put her forward for an award?

The Women’s Business Awards are the highlight of our year and could be the highlight of your favourite businesswomen’s too! We celebrate the best businesswomen from across the country. Our award winners are recognised in the business community and our sponsors conduct a thorough investigation when choosing their winner. Winners receive an award that they can display in their office, but also a badge for their website and print materials to show off to the world that they are an award-winning business. It only takes a few seconds to put forward a name, why not enter or nominate someone now?

🏆 Businesswoman of the Year is for a woman who is truly exceptional and stands out head and shoulders above the rest. NOMINATE

🏆 Business Mum of the Year is for a mum who has done a great job of facing the challenges and coming out on top. NOMINATE

🏆 Best New Business Award is to showcase and celebrate a woman who has taken a chance and started a new business. NOMINATE

🏆 Overcomer Award is for someone who has overcome great adversary or obstacles this year, we salute you.NOMINATE

🏆 Giving Back Award is for someone who has gone above and beyond to help the community and those in need. NOMINATE

🏆 Positivity Award is for a woman positivity is infectious and makes the world a better place for all who encounter her. NOMINATE

🏆 Innovation Award is for a woman who has taken her existing business and turned it around innovatively or has started something completely new. NOMINATE

🏆 Creative Business Award is for a woman who has a flair for the artistic perhaps or is just very creative with how she runs her business. NOMINATE

🏆 Speaker Award is for a businesswoman who has used her voice to share her expertise. NOMINATE

🏆 Leader of the Year is for a businesswoman for doing a brilliant job of leading, serving and building her business community. NOMINATE

🏆 Women in STEM recognises the outstanding contributions of women in STEM. NOMINATE

🏆 Women in Finance is to showcase the achievements of women in the sector and identifying new role models. NOMINATE

🏆 Recruitment & HR is a prestigious award for any businesswoman with an outstanding HR or Recruitment track record. NOMINATE

🏆 Women in Law is designed to showcase and celebrate legal talent across the country. NOMINATE

🏆 Women in Property is designed to showcase and celebrate women in this industry across the country.NOMINATE

🏆 Women in Sales is to shine the spotlight on role models and inspiring more women to consider a career in retail and sales. NOMINATE

🏆 Diversity & Inclusion Award will cover excellence in all areas of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. NOMINATE

🏆 Employer of the Year recognises businesses that have created a healthy and supportive work environment with a real commitment to the wellbeing of its employees. NOMINATE

🏆 Man of the Year is an opportunity for us to honour the men in our lives who have supported us in our journey. NOMINATE

With thanks to our sponsors