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DARE TO DREAM 2021 at Women's Business Club


Women's Business Club is a place for women who are employed or self-employed. A place to connect with women who are looking to network and help others, make referrals and collaborate. Join us if you would like more strategic business support, join our award-winning business support network with businesses across Australia and the globe.

Get free access to our group for personal and professional support. It's your very own business family waiting to welcome you, learn from you and allow you to learn from them. Together we are better!

International Women's Day Event

👩 International Women's Day ♀️

Join our #ChooseToChallenge Fireside Chat 8 March 2021 for powerful conversations with 4 women who will #choosetochallenge the way things are and strive for the way things should be! Join us and we have an honest discussion for the benefit of all.

Win a holiday with Women's Business Club

🌞 Win a Holiday 🌞

Win vouchers to spend on a holiday and escape the daily grind.
It's time to put your feet up and soak in some fresh air from sunny shores far away, hiking in snow-capped mountains, on an African safari, or whatever you would deem your dream holiday.


Join our global summit on 21 October 2021 for professionals in communication, PR, public affairs and corporate affairs as well as for businesses who would like to get their business in front of the media. Women's Business Club is delighted to invite you to a full day PR Summit with an all-star expert lineup of 9 thought leaders in Public Relations & Communication.

Women's Business Awards


Join our live awards event on 3 December 2021. Do you know a hard-working woman that deserves some recognition? Why not put her forward for an award? The Women’s Business Awards are the highlight of our year and could be the highlight of your favourite businesswomen’s too! We want to celebrate the best businesswomen from across the country.

There is so much more to tell you. We are really looking forward to getting to know you and how we can support you on your business journey or in your career. Sign up for news and updates here and if you are ready to join our movement find out more about becoming a member or leading a club.