Asking For Help: Your Business Needs It

It can be very lonely to run a small business by yourself. There are often times where you have no idea to whom you should turn when you have a question, or you need some help. The trouble is that your support system can feel awfully small when you are running a business by yourself. When you take the step to ask other people for help, you must broaden your network to get that help. The people you rely on are going to be mentors, peers, suppliers, and vendors, and asking for that help is one more way you can take control of your business.

Contrary to popular belief, asking for help is not a weakness. Reaching out to other people is, instead, going to further your business and help you to do better. If you don’t ask for help, you’re not going to get it, and while it can seem hard to ask for help when you so desperately need it, pushing through this is going to pay dividends! We all need help from time to time, so whether you’re asking for advice from your mentor, or you bring in virtual services to alleviate some of the pressure on you, ask for it. It’s very rare that someone won’t help you with your business problem. It’s very rare for anyone to reach the top of their game without a hand along the way. If you are able to ask for help, don’t be afraid to do it.

Did you know that not asking for help could cost you your business? Let’s explore why you should ask for help and how asking for it will be best for your business in the first place.


  • You Don’t Know It All

It’s just a fact, not a slight. You are not a walking encyclopedia. Leaning on people who know more than you do is not a bad thing. In fact, leaning on those people is going to help your business in so many ways. You have the opportunity to keep learning in your business, and there are others out there who want to help you.


  • You Need Help

You can find people that you can learn from, and you don’t even have to know them directly. There are plenty of influential people in your industry who would be more than willing to give you a helping hand, and all you need to do is ask. Their advice can be everything that you need to drive your business forward.

When you ask the experts for help, you need to consider a few things that will ensure that you are getting precisely what you need.


  • Don’t Waste Time

Once you have found someone to ask help from, get to the point. Whether you are outsourcing pieces of your business to a new IT team or you’re relying on an administrative helping hand, don’t waste their valuable time. They’ve agreed to help you out, so plan what you need help with and make an explicit request. Stay on point, and use your time with them wisely. Take notes when they speak and let them know that they have your input.


  • Be As Specific As Possible

When you go to someone for help, you need to prepare as if you only have one question to ask. Figure out the most critical issue that you are facing and address them with that one question. You may not have unlimited time to get all the information that you need.


  • Keep A Question For The End

You may have one golden question that you want to ask, so save that one for the end of the meeting. One of the best ones you can ask is whether they can recommend any other services to you. It’s an excellent way to keep the business relationship open and ready for the next time you need help.


  • Ask For Permission

Approaching an expert is one thing, but asking the questions to help your business require permission. Don’t just go in all guns blazing; ask for their help and let them decide if they want to help in the first place. It’s polite, and it gives them a measure of control over their response.

You do not have to struggle in your business, not when there are advisory services, outsourced services, and mentors out there happy to help you with your queries. Your business needs the help, and you should never hesitate to ask for something that is going to help you to get better.





Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

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