Ask the Expert – How to create the life you want?

Jen’s mission is to motivate and enable women to create the life they want, be who they’ve always wanted to be, in a business that is a true reflection of themselves; so that they may share their unique gifts with the world!

’Become the coach you’ve always wanted to be!’’

Should your niche be what you’re qualified in? I was a beauty therapist for over 30 years but should I be a coach for that?? I don’t feel comfortable with the profession anymore. One of the biggest issues people create for themselves is that they feel like they ‘should’ do something. Drop the ‘shoulds’! You have to be 100% aligned with your niche. What do I mean by that? I mean your niche should be the mission that you wake up everyday feeling passionate about, a burning desire to make a difference in the world with whatever way you choose to do that. But the key is that there must be a ‘passionate why’ underpinning whatever it is you do. If you’re feeling dispassionate or uncomfortable in anyway about your niche, that should be explored, and it’s highly likely that it needs to change. You should never fear the change, because if you choose to ignore the negativity around it, it will only destroy your business. Your business should be a passion, the love of your life… not a means to make money. If that’s the only reason you’re in business, you may as well head back to a 9-5. Does “niche” really mean outside the mainstream specialism? Can you have more than one niche in a business (like mine, which is product based)? To define simply, a niche, is a particular group of people who share a common problem or desire. As far as I’m concerned there is no ‘mainstream specialism’… if you are delivering varying different outcomes, you are not niched. When you’re in the beginning of starting a business it’s essential that you laser target your niche, no half niche, no small generalisation but really clear cut. By beginning a business, I don’t mean in terms of time in business, but in terms of your income from the business; if your income is low, the magical remedy is to explode onto the scene offering ONE amazing outcome for ONE very specific ideal client. Once you’ve so say, ‘made it’, you can branch out to different areas. But in order to become a business that stands out from the crowd, you MUST find that ONE thing that people will know you for and build a tribe of raving fans! No one likes a jack of all trades, they like to know that you have something very special, ONLY for them.

Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy Business Realisation Coach, Mindset Master & Fear Fixer.

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