Are Your Dry Business Events Failing To Land A Catch?

Business events of all shapes and sizes are, in many ways, the cream of the business world. Even now, hosting/attending a conference or similar is one of the best ways to impress. This does, after all, bring top names straight to your door, and hands you opportunities on a plate. At least, it can if you get things right. 

Attendees of a poorly planned or executed dinner, however, are guaranteed to leave with a worse impression than the one they came with. This is obviously not what you want, and it’s never going to lead to the sales you’re hoping for. Sadly, it’s a reality many business owners face as they fall into the trap of the ‘boring’ business event.


If you host dry events, then there’s no chance of landing a catch from your efforts anytime soon. So, take your attempts off dry land in the following ways. 


Leave business at the door

This might seem strange seeing as business is at the heart of your event attempts, but you’re best off leaving the hard sale at the door. Ultimately, your branding, products, and whatever else will be on display and will still take centre stage. But, if you’re all business all night, you’ll send guests to sleep before the canapes arrive! Instead, make sure to keep the conversation interesting. If your guests bring things back to your products, then that’s great, but try not to keep flogging that agenda yourself. 


Do something that makes you stand out

Most investors attend a long stream of events just like yours, so in some ways, you’re fighting a losing battle here. If this is their fifth event of the month, then it’s no wonder they’re losing interest a little! Luckily, you can still spice things up and make sure your event is ‘the fun one’ by adding points of interest along the way. How you do this is, of course, up to you and will largely depend on the focus of your business. It might be that you hire a speaker from agencies like The Speakers Agency, which would be perfect for after-dinner fascination. Or, perhaps you could incorporate some games along the way. While small, these efforts are sure to have a significant impact compared with many of your competitors. 


Encourage participation

Sitting in a stuffy room with one conversation companion for the whole evening is a sure way to boredemville for any guest, so avoid this sterile setup. Instead, you may find it beneficial to encourage guest participation wherever you can. We’re talking changing places, group games, and even event-wide discussions. If you wanted, you could take this further by giving your events a murder mystery backdrop or similar. As simple as that, you’re more liable to engage and thus impress those all-important VIPs. 

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of the sterile business event, but trust us when we say that thinking outside the box is your best chance at making the impression you’re after.



Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

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