Are You Overworking Your Employees?

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We all expect hard work from our employees – but are your employees working too hard? When employees are overworked, it can have a negative impact on your entire business. While you want to get the best out of your employees, you don’t want to wear them out. Here are just a few signs that your employees could be working too hard and what you can do to solve this problem.

Signs you’re overworking your employees

Do your employees regularly work overtime? Are they constantly rushing to complete tasks? Are employees constantly taking time off sick – or worse, do they keep quitting?

These are all signs that you’re likely working your employees too hard. If employees regularly have to work long hours and take on more than they can handle, you’ll likely find that the quality of work decreases – which will lead to more customer complaints and potential loss of customers. Employees are likely to become demoralised and you could find that your company has a high employee turnover. Keeping up with this high employee turnover will cost you a lot of money and you could find that eventually you start to receive fewer applicants as news gets out of work conditions. All in all, it could destroy your business.

The solution to overworked employees

If employees are overworked, there are several things you can do to ease the load.

Hire more employees

This is the obvious solution. By sharing the work out among more people, you can reduce the burden. Unfortunately, this solution is costly – it may not be possible to hire extra talent if you’re not making the revenue.

Outsource help

Outsourcing help could be cheaper than hiring extra employees. It’s a great way of getting rid of those tasks that are a real drain on your time. For instance, if you struggle with constant IT problems, you could consider lightening the load by outsourcing IT managed services. If your staff spend too much time answering phone calls, you could even consider outsourcing a phone answering service.

Find ways to automate tasks

There could be unnecessarily complex or long tasks that can be automated to save time. This could help to reduce the workload for your employees, allowing them to keep up more easily with the demand. Research ways in which you can use automation within your industry.

Enforce more breaks

Although it may seem counter-productive, employees that take more breaks tend to be more productive. After a couple hours, concentration is likely to be greatly reduced and you could find that employees aren’t able to work as hard. Regular breaks will allow your employees to recharge and refocus so that they’re always working at their full potential.

Listen to your employees

By encouraging feedback from employees, you can find ways of improving your business together in order to make work more efficient. Employees that are listened to are likely to feel more valued and are likely to be more productive. 

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