Are You Craving An Audience?

We all have experienced social media loneliness, that moment when you post something exciting that receives no reply. Social media loneliness can feel especially painful if you have a friend or a contact who experiences the exact opposite, for whom every single post is a popular winner. Reaching out to a broad audience can be tricky. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter don’t make it easy for small brands and businesses to build an audience.

However, you can find people who will be interested in what your business has to say and offer through a variety of media. Reaching out to a wide target when you have a limited budget excludes many promotional campaigns. But it’s not an impossible challenge! You can get a lot of people talking about your brand with a minimum investment if you know what you’re doing. Here are 4 ideas for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to get their brand the attention it deserves without breaking the bank or having to compromise your message.

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Bloggers get a lot of readers

The eternal question of whether to create a blog or not has kept a lot of entrepreneurs awake at night. A blog has the advantage of creating a digital platform where you can express your opinion and showcase your expertise. Where a website is typically limited by its core services, aka presenting the business, a blog can have an unlimited number of pages where you can share your views, reacts to market trends, and show an ever-growing and changing profile. If you’re looking for the best platform to respond to the latest market changes and news, a blog is your best ally. Its evergreen aspect – as it is continuously updated with new articles – makes it a popular choice to boost your brand reputation. Unfortunately, you can’t grow a successful blog overnight. You need to be able to dedicate regular time to the creation and maintenance of new content. Additionally, you can’t write articles without being familiar with the concept of keywords, as blogs are a favourite SEO tool. It can take several months or years to build up a respectable audience. In other words, while blogging is effective, it is a long-term project.

Talk to everyone at the same time

Blogging lets you reach out to a broad digital audience. Ultimately, anybody who is going to type your keywords in search engines can find and access your blog. But what if you exactly who you want to reach? In that case, a blog article is not the most valuable solution. However, you can set up mass SMS service and bulk emailing tools to get in touch with every single lead at the same time. Newsletters and SMS notifications can let you create a tailored strategy around a specific target group. Takeaway restaurants have developed successful SMS campaigns with their customers to keep them informed of their latest offers. Text messages are especially helpful to create a sense of urgency, urging customers to respond – and buy!  

Book a conference slot 

Presenting a topic at a conference can be a fantastic opportunity to launch your business and boost your brand profile. However, you need to find a topic that is not only relevant to the conference audience, but that is also trendy. Addressing a common issue in your industry sector or presenting an innovative solution can get you noticed by your peers and your target audience. However, if you’re not familiar with conference best practices, you might create the opposite effect. Thankfully, you can find useful and inspiring videos online of leaders who have mastered the art of speaking in public. Steve Jobs, for instance, revived Apple through his communication skills. He knew how to get the attention of the audience before even using his conference deck. He used clear visual to convey his points and always stuck to the time allocated. 

Vlogging is the new blog

Blogging takes a long time to pay off. Vlogging, on the other hand, can be an overnight success if you’re comfortable with the camera. Creating a vlog, or a video blog, is a lot easier than you might think. But it requires additional work and equipment. You need to find a reliable microphone and a camera, as you can afford to publish a poor quality video. Ideally, you want to invest in an editing tool too, to smooth out imperfections in your video. Uploading a vlog, however, takes no longer than a few minutes! 

Building an audience is hard work when you’re launching your first business. As an unknown player on the market, you need to make your name known without breaking the bank. A blog is a long-term strategy that can support your business growth but is unlikely to attract clients at first. However, getting out of your comfort zone with a vlog or a conference can make a huge difference. And if everything else fails, you can still rely on bulk SMS, and email sends to reinforce your customer relationship.

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