Are Offices an Ideal Environment for Your Employees?

Traditionally, when many people go to work, they head to an office. This is understandable. Offices can make great working environments where people can be supplied with the tools and equipment they need to be productive and complete the work they’ve been set. They can also be collaborative environments, where employees can pull together to mull over ideas in meetings. However, is an office space the ideal working environment for your staff?

Office spaces do come hand in hand with a host of potential problems. Firstly, your staff are going to have to commute into the office. This is bad for their health. It causes a stressful experience and can reduce morale, seeing as they’re spending a significant part of each working day doing something they don’t really want to and not being paid for it. Secondly, office environments can be intense socially. People can easily rub each other up the wrong way, resulting in conflict and a lack of teamwork and cooperation. Thirdly, offices can become uncomfortable. Everyone has different preferences and it’ll be hard to keep everyone happy in terms of lighting, temperature and other environmental factors. It may be worth considering alternatives!

Nowadays, more business owners are considering letting their staff work from home – whether that’s full time or a day a week. There are benefits that come with doing this. Your staff feel trusted, more appreciated and are likely to enjoy missing the commute on whichever days they get to work from home. Plus, as the infographic below shows, they can still be productive!

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham

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