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"Unleashing Potential"Angela De Souza

About me:

My big dream 🦄 is to help as many women as possible across the globe 🌎 to realise their potential and flourish in life. I achieve this through Women's Business Club and public speaking 🎤 at big conferences and company events.

Disclaimer and confession - I just love emojis 😆🤣 I thought you should know that about me!

For fun I have a kitty 😺 business called Muffin & Poppy that I run with my hubby (who I'm madly in love with ❤) and we're based in the lovely Cotswolds in the UK 🇬🇧 with our 4 children, 2 grandchildren and 6 cats.

👩 MY PASSION for Women in Business

★ Inspiring women to take responsibility for their Success Story ★
My passion is to help every woman realise that they have so much locked away inside of them, then to help them unleash that awesome potential and live life to the full! I focus on women because women really do have different needs to men and we do business differently. Not better, not worse, just in a different way. I want to help women level up and find their place in the marketplace as a woman, not by trying to be like a man.


★ Women's Business Club - Your Success Story ★

My Success Story System© is the structure method that I use to support businesswomen across the UK. This innovative system is designed to help you breakthrough from where you are into your next level of success! The system will take you on a journey that will see you building your support network, smashing through professional barriers and progressing onto the next level of success.


★ Women in business and corporate ★
Women who are passionate about what they do and want to be super successful in life and business. From start-up to gazillionaire, we all need support and our tribe to belong to. Women's Business Club is my business family and you are invited to join us.

"Helping women to reach their full potential isn’t only the right thing to do – it makes good economic sense and is good for British business." - Justine Greening


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I would love to serve your company or conference by bringing one of my popular talks to your event.


★ Stop Running to the Well
★ I Did it in my Pyjamas
★ Being You
★ and 27 other titles


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Every year I invite 12 businessmen and women to join me on a journey in my mastermind group where we navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Together we will push through challenges and pain barriers to get ahead in business with support from our expert speakers and like-minded business owners. We take time out once a month for a full day and with a structured format. Using the collective wisdom of the group, the members help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and maximise business potential.


My official bio:

Angela's passion is to help people unleash their potential and the potential that lies within their business. One of the ways she does this is through Metacognition, a methodology that sets true thought leaders apart from everyone else. The ability to master one's mind is one of the most basic, yet most powerful, skills to develop and those who do so will find it easier to get through rough patches, catapult ahead of competitors, think outside the box and generally find more creative solutions in business and life.

A regular speaker across the UK, Angela speaks to various audiences in businesses, churches as well as to individuals about their development and growth.

Angela is keen to ensure that all businesses and business owner's mental well-being is taken care of so they can also improve their relationship with those around them and whom they lead, as they are able to assess their thought processes and reframe the way they think to adapt to new situations. Angela can speak at schools, companies, churches, conferences and even on a soapbox on the street corner if needs be.

Angela De Souza is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every person thereby impacting every sphere of their life. She is a prolific writer, author of many books with several more in progress. Each book is written in plain English by offering a no-nonsense approach to business and life.  The words go from the page to the stage as Angela shares her message as a motivational speaker, trainer and the founder of the national business support network, Women’s Business Club

Angela is a trained, experienced speaker and she speaks at events across the UK (and abroad if absolutely essential as she is not a fan of flying..) for both business and/or personal development to men and women. Her talks can range from 20-minute inspiration slots to full-length keynotes and all-day training.

In her spare time, Angela prefers to do simple things such as decorate her house, gardening, have cuddles with her husband, children and grandchildren on the sofa in pyjamas, practice her piano or Bob Ross painting.

Fee: £4,500 per talk plus first-class travel and accommodation for 2 where necessary.

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Speaking Topics: Angela can offer a wide range of talks and happy to tailor a talk specific to your needs however her favourite three subjects can be seen below.


My motto is, if you do any task repeatedly it should be automated where possible! If it can be automated I will find a way. I can do a variety of talks around this topic from a marketing point of view, customer experience or the tech side of how to set up sales and marketing automation.

See Stop Running to the Well or book here.


I could talk about sales all day, from the basics of sales concepts, how to sell to different temperaments, all the way to the most elaborate sales pipelines. It's a topic most people either love or hate but after your audience has heard what I have to say they will all leave excited to get selling.

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Metacognition is probably the most important talk that I offer because it underpins all other talks. If your mind isn't 'right' then you will never get the full value from anything else I share with your audience. One single thought can change your entire trajectory in business and life.

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Here are some other talks that Angela is done, feel free to make a request if you would like something bespoke prepared:

How to use metacognition to unlock your success.

Young people would achieve better grades and have a more fulfilled education if trained in metacognition, employees and teams would be more productive and happier with their newfound awareness, startups may survive the rough patches during the early days and the knock-on effect would affect business, families, the economy and ultimately the nation!  Metacognition is a must for all.

An eye-opening look at how your thoughts are determining your direction in business and life with practical keys to making changes to thoughts that are blocking your success.

Key points covered: 

  • Awareness and impact of thoughts
  • Leading intentionally with clarity
  • Empowering those around you


  • Change your career and life by changing the way you think
  • Unlock the potential inside of yourself and your teams
  • Improve success rate of achieving KPIs and goals
  • Get ahead of the pack by using your brain power
  • Break nasty, self-sabotaging habits
  • Open up honest and open communication about mental health at work

This talk is so full of possibilities and can be tailored to suit the audience, other talk titles can be adapted and can include for example:

  • Metacognition:  Mindset Matters 
  • Metacognition: Think Your Way to Success 
  • Metacognition: It's Your Life, It's What You Make It
  • Metacognition: Change Your Mind Change Your Life

If you can see it you can have it!

An indepth look at setting a vision then reverse engineering the set vision into goals and tasks:

  • Gain personal clarity and a higher rate of success in hitting targets
  • Increase productivity in teams by ensure they are all on the same page
  • Avoid times wasters, most people spend 80% of their time doing the wrong activities
  • Enjoy a done for you system where you just fill in the blanks!

Businesses that Give Back Get Back

A look at CSR for all businesses from Micro to Corporate and how supporting charities and giving back can greatly benefit business.

Key points covered: 

  • Awareness of effects of businesses giving on business brand.
  • Direct impact of giving on company bottom line.
  • Practical points on incorporating giving into company values and culture.

 You will discover how to be generous and use your investment to:

  • Add value to your overall offering
  • Build your teams and staff loyalty to your company
  • Create brand awareness and a positive image

Proven principles to automate your business.

  • Finding the well - Qualifying your target audience and niche marketing.
  • Drawing up the water - Creating lead magnets that generate a consistent and predictable ROI.
  • Building the pipeline - Identifying your prospects, retention, and referrals.
  • Connecting the pipeline - Caring for the people that make your pipeline work.
  • Testing the pipeline - Systems and automation that save time and money.

>>  Leading on Purpose - awakening and inspiring leaders to impact their sphere of influence. More info

>>  Turning failure into profit - a no-nonsense look at the benefits of failure.

>>  A.V.I.D Sales Systems - sales training.

>>  I Did it in My Pyjamas - an inspirational talk based on Angela's business journey from start-up to the national business movement that she has built through the Women's Business Club. Based on her book by the same title.


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I would love to find out more about your speaker needs, feel free to get in touch so we can arrange a chat but please first fill in the booking form so I can confirm that I am available on your event date.

About Angela De Souza

Hi, I am Angela and I am a serial entrepreneur! My brain is always whizzing with great ideas often to the frustration of those closest to me. My biggest passion is my husband, four beautiful children, two grandchild and six cats! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. My LinkedIn title says that I am a ❀ Author ❀ Speaker ❀ Entrepreneur ❀ but what it doesn’t say is that I also love to sing in the shower, play my piano and try my hand at some Bob Ross painting.

If my accent confuses you it’s because I was born in West Sussex, but spent all of my childhood in South Africa. I currently live in the beautiful Cotswolds but who knows where the wind will take me. My dream is to stop working so hard all the time and live on a farm where I can enjoy complete silence, grow things in the garden and have even more animals.