Advice for eBay Start Ups

In many ways, an eBay business means doing business on your own terms. It affords you the opportunity to sell what you want to sell without having to spend money on creating your very own e-commerce website. However, starting an eBay business is not as simple as logging on and opening an account. It takes planning and strategy, especially if your eBay startup is to succeed.

Below, you will find some helpful advice in terms of getting your eBay business off the ground and generating profits.

Find the right delivery solution

As an online trader, you will need a quick, cost-effective and convenient way in which to deliver the products that your eBay customers order. It’s worthwhile to find a delivery partner that can offer you a national and international delivery service, along with real-time tracking through their network. It is also essential to choose a partner that can deliver a wide array of different sized parcels, especially if your products are on the larger side. Find out more information here about the calibre of service you should be looking for.

Find the right support

According to the results of a recent study, approximately 724,000 people make a full-time or part-time living by selling on eBay. In other words, you definitely aren’t alone in starting this new adventure! There are plenty of groups to join on social media that have been specifically created for eBay sellers just like yourself. They are the perfect platforms on which to ask questions, network, or mix with like-minded business people.

Find the right items

Now that you know where and how you’re going to sell, it’s up to you decide exactly what it is that you want to sell. While you have the option to distribute a wide array of different types of items, there are indeed a few limitations in place. For example, you may not sell items like weapons, live animals, fireworks, or any alcohol, aside from wine which is the exception. It is also worthwhile doing some investigating into how many businesses are selling specific items that you’re interested in. Identifying a gap in the market will likely mean that you’re able to sell more products, faster.

Find the right branding

If you opt to trade as a business rather than an individual, you have the chance to create a brand for yourself. This brand should be eye-catching, relevant to the products that you sell and, of course, easily recognisable. Creating a brand also means you have the possibility to market your eBay business on other platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Find the right price

It is imperative that you price your products competitively if you are to maximise your sales. With this in mind, you’ll definitely want to do some research in terms of what your competitors are charging and how much your potential customers are willing to pay. There are a variety of helpful online tools to aid in conducting this research – for instance, SurveyMonkey is a great place to start when in search of insights.

Ultimately, with the right support, planning and execution, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make your eBay start-up a sizeable success.

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