Access Granted: Effective Ways To Open Up Your SME To A Wider Base

As a business owner, there’s a good chance you’ve racked your brains and tried to think of new ways to attract customers. Once there is a steady flow of leads, you can stop worrying about plunging into the red as conversions will happen organically. Ah, the pipedream of being a successful entrepreneur!

While creative advertising strategies seem like the way forward, the answer is closer to home. Often, the problem for consumers is the barriers that get in the way. Yes, the business isn’t accessible enough and it’s stopping people from spending money. Making the company reachable for everyone not only makes financial sense, but it creates an inclusive attitude too.

Of course, the next step is to open up the brand so that anyone who is interested isn’t compelled to run for cover. Below, you’ll find the tricks of the trade that will ensure your business includes a wide base of people from all walks of life.

Renovate The Interior And Exterior

Customers and employees with disabilities are the ones who suffer the most. Because they don’t have the same range of movement, they can find the simple things very tricky. Think about walking up a flight of stairs as an example. Anybody in a wheelchair is going to struggle which is why a lift is essential.

However, the renovations don’t stop there. On the inside and the outside, it’s important to install ramps and access slopes so that people with a disability can move freely. Also, be sure to provide stability. Key clamp fittings are excellent for handrails as they are galvanised and malleable. Always make sure there is a toilet too as this is a basic human right.

As well as specific features, you should focus on common sense activities. Clearing the aisles of blockages should allow everyone to move through the building easily.

Consider Religious Restrictions

In a society where religion isn’t a big deal anymore, it’s pretty easy to understate its importance. Sure, it doesn’t impact you or the majority of your customers yet religion can still hurt sales and profits. After all, it’s a non-negotiable stance for lots of shoppers and they will bounce as a result.

Are you in the hospitality sector? A business which serves food and drink should always consider broadening their horizons. By offering kosher and halal meals, there is automatically a big base of shoppers to target. And, the non-Jews and Muslims won’t care too much as it doesn’t impact them – they’re not religious.

Remember that kosher and halal don’t only apply to food products. Any item or service which goes against the code is exclusive and makes the business less accessible. So, anything which uses pig features, such as sporting equipment, is restrictive.

Incorporate Flexible Point-Of-Sale Transactions

A person’s preferred payment method is very restricting depending on the software you use. American Express cardholders hate being treated differently because POS systems don’t accept them, and they aren’t the only ones. As payment methods change, a big group of people is starting to get annoyed at their lack of options.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to open up a closed-off transaction strategy. All you need to do is accept as many payment options as possible, from Amex to PayPal. Just choose to receive the card by dealing directly with the merchant and you can instantly reap the rewards. By the way, research shows Amex users spend 50% more than those who purchase products with a Visa or MasterCard.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can start accepting cryptocurrencies too. While the demand isn’t high yet, it will skyrocket in the future and you will come across as a forward-thinking, flexible company.


Open Up To Closed Captions

Your marketing effort needs to reach as many peoples’ eyes and ears as possible, but not all of them are receptive. Some target audiences simply won’t be able to hear the message because of hearing problems. When this happens, they are closed off and inaccessible.

The good news is that a single button can open up a new avenue to this audience. By pressing the subtitles button on a remote control, everything will be closed-captioned. So, anyone who is hard of hearing will be able to read the message and consume it regardless. Because TV screens are popular features in shops and offices, they should be perfectly accessible for you and your base.

That way, they have the access they need to make a purchase.


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