ABOUT Our Vision and Team

We are a business community of career women and women entrepreneurs who sincerely care for our members and empower them to succeed. We are high calibre, real women who are determined to be all we can be and to enjoy the journey. Join us at a local networking or mastermind event to break through to the next level of success.

How it all began

The Women's Business Club was founded by Angela De Souza who wanted to set up a business network that she would like to attend where she felt comfortable being herself and accepted as a woman in business. From the very first event in January 2013 to today, the club has stayed true to its calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership.

Our Vision Statement

Connecting, supporting, and empowering businesswomen.

Our Mission

To ensure that all women have access to business mentoring, networking and training.
To build a global network large enough to make a difference.
To stand up for women who can’t stand up for themselves.

Our Core Values

Knowledge Sharing
Kindness & Encouragement
Accepting & Welcoming

Our Dream

Our dream is to build a global business community where women support women through genuine authentic relationships as well as with practical business tools. We are committed to empowering you to realise your full potential. You will share what you know and learn what you don’t from other women in the network because you are valued and can bring value.

We offer an environment that has a culture of truth, honesty and support so that you don’t need to feel isolated in business. A community where all are women are welcomed and are not judged but are valued, respected and celebrated. 

Get connected today and start building your Success Story!

Our Method

Our unique Success Story System© - a practical and systematic approach to unleashing your full potential in business and life! We will take you on a journey that will see you smashing through professional barriers, progressing onto the next level of success and building your support network. 

HQ Staff

Angela De SouzaAngela De Souza - CEO
Angela's passion has always been to bring out the potential locked away inside of people and she travels the country as a speaker to share her experience! This passion and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as the Women's Business Club. Angela is guilty of squashing as much as possible into her diary and loves kittens!

Samuel Beard - Senior Developer

Samuel is a talented web developer and graphic designer who is passionate about all things tech! When he is not coding, designing or dreaming up new ideas he is a dedicated family man, musician, outdoor adventurer and an avid watcher of YouTube and reader of blogs.
Sian Jones - Leader Sales & Support - Women's Business ClubSian Jones - Leader Sales & Support
Sian's professional experience has predominantly been in project and event management. Her passion is to help make a difference and she lives this value in her voluntary work as a co chair of a local dementia charity. A keen sports player, she still tries to keep fit and in her spare time enjoys rugby and wine - usually together.
Sam Powell - Client Concierge - Women's Business ClubSam Powell - Client Concierge
With a varied background ranging from finance to retail, Sam has found his true passion lies in customer service. His responsiblities include social media moderating and responding to all queries and enquiries. In his spare time Sam enjoys music, sport, and weekend adventures with his young daughter.
Rebecca Morrow - Clubhouse Co-ordinator - Women's Business ClubRebecca Morrow - Clubhouse Co-ordinator
Rebecca is a Life Coach who has a passion for helping & supporting women in small businesses. Rebecca is advocate against bullying and is also the Certified Club Leader for Stevenage & New York. Rebecca believes that every women can be the CEO of her own success. She is also a mum to 8 wonderful fur babies (all cats).
Eric De SouzaEric De Souza - COO
Eric has a degree in software engineering and is responsible for the day to day operations side of the company. He is the one Angela goes to whenever she has a meltdown and feels like she wants to throw all her toys out of the cot. Eric is passionate about getting apostrophes in the correct place as well as playing his guitar as fast as humanly possible! He also loves cats!
Lorah-Kelly BeardLorah-Kelly Beard - Creative Director
Lorah is an extremely talented creative businesswoman and photographer but is pleasantly distracted with her two little daughters, wonderful husband Sam and all that they demand of her. All that you see at the Women's Business Club that is pretty, pink and everything creative is done by Lorah (and sometimes even hubby Sam).
Kate Blake - Women's Business ClubKate Blake - Conference & Corporate Sales
Kate has worked in sales for over 30 years, mainly in the construction supply industry. After being a single mum, Kate went back and reeducated in her 30s, and after that life changing experience has gone on to be a Best Selling Author and supports Womens personal development by giving talks and coaching. Kate is so excited to be on the team.
Kelly Whitefoot - Executive Assistant
Kelly has vast experience working in administration roles and she is responsible for call answering and event management. Kelly is always up for a charity challenge whether it is climbing a mountain or learning the CHA CHA.

Get Involved

Our meetups are super friendly and you can expect to find women of all shapes and sizes, dressed in a variety of styles and passionate about all sorts of things – in a nutshell we are women who support women and absolutely everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you at either a Mocha Morning, Business Lunch or a Tribe Night.

We work in partnership with you merging our brand with your personality. You’ll be a self-employed franchise owner or a Tribe Night, Mocha Morning or Virtual leader and you will connect, support and empower businesswomen in your community. You’ll earn money from commission on all the guest tickets and memberships.

Club Leaders