About Us

About the Women’s Business Club

We are a business community of women who sincerely care for our members and empower them to succeed. We are high calibre, real women who are determined to be all we can be and to enjoy the journey.

How it all began
The Women’s Business Club was founded by Angela De Souza who wanted to set up a business network that she would like to attend where she felt comfortable being herself and accepted as a woman in business. From the very first event in January 2013 to today, the club has stayed true to its calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership.

Our Vision
To connect, support and empower every UK businesswomen.

Our Mission
To build a network of businesswomen across the UK so that no businesswoman has to travel more than half an hour to access a club. 

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Our Team

Angela De SouzaAngela De Souza
Managing Director
Angela’s passion has always been to bring out the potential locked away inside of women and to offer practical training to women in business and in life. This passion and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as the Women’s Business Club. Angela is guilty of squashing as much as possible into her diary and loves kittens!


Dan BurkeDan Burke
Customer Support
Dan is the youngest member of our team. He is currently studying Business at GlosCol and he believes that networking is a way for a business to grow and develop. He is keen to put into practice his academic learning with some hands-on practical experience and is already proving an asset to our team. He is a keen cyclist, martial artist and gamer, and he aims to have a portfolio of buy to let properties before he is 35.

Eric De Souza
Eric De Souza
Systems & Operations
Eric has a degree in software engineering and is responsible for the day to day operations side of the company. He is the one Angela goes to whenever she has a meltdown and feels like she wants to throw all her toys out of the cot. Eric is passionate about getting apostrophes in the correct place as well as playing his guitar as fast as humanly possible! He also loves cats!


Nikita Tejaa
PR Assistant
Nikita is a big believer in supporting women and being positive. She is also keen to help children all over the world, no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity etc. to have the opportunity to have an education. Nikita would love to travel the world one day, as she enjoys going to new places. She has always enjoyed reading, playing the piano and baking and would love to open her own bakery one day.

Jordan NellJordan Nell
Business Development
Jordan is a talented Business Development Manager with a passion for connecting to her clients on a personal level. Her individual style and eye for detail come across in her deeply personal support style. When she’s not in front of a screen, Jordan enjoys time outdoors with her dogs. Jordan is pretty cool, pay her regular compliments and don’t feed her after midnight!


Danielle ColeDanielle Cole
Danielle is passionate about helping businesses achieve the financial clarity and perspective they desire. She works with a number of sole traders, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies as well as high net worth individuals, with whom I have built good business relationships with over the years. We are thrilled to have Danielle on our team handling anything to do with our finances.