Women’s Business Club Team and Vision

We are a business community of  career women and  women entrepreneurs who sincerely care for our members and empower them to succeed. We are high calibre, real women who are determined to be all we can be and to enjoy the journey. Join us at a local networking or mastermind event to break through to the next level of success.

How it all began
The Women's Business Club was founded by Angela De Souza who wanted to set up a business network that she would like to attend where she felt comfortable being herself and accepted as a woman in business. From the very first event in January 2013 to today, the club has stayed true to its calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership.

Our Vision
To empower businesswomen to achieve more in their work and home life by unleashing their full potential from the inside out! 

Our Mission
To build a national network of businesswomen so that all business women feel supported every step of the way on their business journey.

Our Method
Our unique Success Story System© - a practical and systematic approach to unleashing your full potential in business and life! We will take you on a journey that will see you smashing through professional barriers, progressing onto the next level of success and building your support network. 

HQ Staff

Angela De SouzaAngela De Souza - CEO
Angela's passion has always been to bring out the potential locked away inside of people and she travels the country as a speaker to share her experience! This passion and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as the Women's Business Club. Angela is guilty of squashing as much as possible into her diary and loves kittens!
Marie CDO - Women's Business ClubMarie Harris - CDO
Marie, mum of 1, an entrepreneur who has run various businesses from the age of 18 and has experienced much success and epic failures! She is passionate about developing businesses and helping them reach their full potential. Also loves to assist fellow businesswomen on their vision and lifestyle they want to achieve.
Rosalind Pattyn - Digital Marketing Manager - Women's Business Club
Rosalind Pattyn  - Chief Happiness Officer
Retired IT professional living life to the fullest. Well that was until Angela decided that her mom was enjoying life a little too much and had to get back to work! A real family business now with our head mama in place taking care of us all.
Claire Bolden McGill - Digital Marketing Manager - Women's Business Club
Cathy Kirk  - Corporate Sales Executive
Cathy has been a business owner for over 25 years in the fashion industry with all the trials & jubilation that entails! She loves the excitement  and challenge of business enterprise and feels strongly it's important to enjoy the journey towards your vision.
Claire Bolden McGill - Digital Marketing Manager - Women's Business ClubSian Jones - Leader Support
Sian's professional experience has predominantly been in project and event management. Her passion is to help make a difference and she lives this value in her voluntary work as a co chair of a local dementia charity. A keen sports player, she still tries to keep fit and in her spare time enjoys rugby and wine - usually together.
Eric De SouzaEric De Souza - COO
Eric has a degree in software engineering and is responsible for the day to day operations side of the company. He is the one Angela goes to whenever she has a meltdown and feels like she wants to throw all her toys out of the cot. Eric is passionate about getting apostrophes in the correct place as well as playing his guitar as fast as humanly possible! He also loves cats!
Jordan Nell - Training & Development Manager
With a background in sales, marketing, education and training, Jordan brings her business passion and expertise to support and train businesswomen globally. In her spare time she focuses on her sport and physical development as well as her charitable endeavors.
Gerald Pattyn
Gerald Pattyn - Tech Support
From Thomson Reuters to retirement to Women's Business Club - what a career indeed! Tech guys are accustomed to being asked to help with things but this request took the cake, please would you come out of retirement and help me run my entire business!
Lorah-Kelly BeardLorah-Kelly Beard - Creative Director
Lorah is an extremely talented creative businesswoman and photographer but is pleasantly distracted with her two little daughters, wonderful husband Sam and all that they demand of her. All that you see at the Women's Business Club that is pretty, pink and everything creative is done by Lorah (and sometimes even hubby Sam).
Kelly Whitefoot - Executive Assistant
Kelly has vast experience working in administration roles and she is responsible for call answering and event management. Kelly is always up for a charity challenge whether it is climbing a mountain or learning the CHA CHA.

Get Involved

Our meetups are super friendly and you can expect to find women of all shapes and sizes, dressed in a variety of styles and passionate about all sorts of things – in a nutshell we are women who support women and absolutely everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you at either a Mocha Morning, Business Lunch or a Tribe Night.

We work in partnership with you merging our brand with your personality. You’ll be a self-employed franchise owner or a Tribe Night, Mocha Morning or Virtual leader and you will connect, support and empower businesswomen in your community. You’ll earn money from commission on all the guest tickets and memberships.