A wardrobe of clothes, but nothing to wear?

As busy business women who need to good with minimal time and effort, having a ‘wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear’ (something I hear often!) can be frustrating and may affect the impact we make. Perhaps you aren’t sure of what you do have in your wardrobe and often end up buying the same thing? Or perhaps a lot of it you haven’t worn much (or ever)?

You know you don’t feel good in it but you’re not sure why… Now is a good time to have review of your winter wardrobe so you can make a good impression for your next year in business (and get some space in your wardrobe!)

Enlist a stylish friend who will give you some honest feedback on what you’ve got and encourage you to get rid of the things that you never wear.

Firstly, take anything out of your wardrobe that isn’t for the current season or is not an item of clothing (books, bags, etc.). So you can see what you have, open up the wardrobe and hang some garments on a rail (or ironing board). Try each item on – does it fit? Suit? Do you wear it? Do you feel good in it? If the answer to all of these is yes – put the item back in the wardrobe, arranging it by clothing type (and within that colour) to help you avoid duplication. If you do wear it but it doesn’t fit that well or is the wrong length – could it be easily altered? If so put it in a pile to take to a seamstress.

Finally, if you never wear it, it doesn’t fit or feel awful in it then it needs to go – sell it or give it away, depending on the quality/wear. Finally have a think about the kind of thing you do day to day – is your wardrobe a match for these activities? Is there any gaps in your wardrobe or replacements needed? Write a list, prioritise it and put a budget on each item (did you know that your clothing budget should be 4-6% of your take home pay per month?) You can then put a time in the diary to go shopping! It is essential that what you have in your wardrobe supports you, not frustrates you.

As you know confidence in business and first impressions are key so set aside some time in the diary and get your wardrobe working better for you!

Hazel Robinson
Nuts About Style

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