A Business Backpack Checklist for Travelling Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a fresh entrepreneur, it’s important to ensure that you have a business backpack that is filled with the essential items that you need to get work done abroad. Travelling can be taxing both mentally and physically, so having a well-organised backpack with all of your things can make it a lot easier to be a successful travelling entrepreneur.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at a business backpack checklist that includes virtually everything that you should consider stuffing into your carry-on luggage.



A large sturdy bag

Before you even think of packing your bag, have you considered if your bag is suitable for your needs? Here are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a sturdy bag for business travel purposes:


  • Make sure the bag fits within the airline’s carry-on luggage dimensions. If it’s oversized, you might be forced to check it in instead of carrying it with you on the flight.
  • Try and pick a bag with security features, such as zips that are hidden from sight or the ability to lock the zips for added safety.
  • Some people enjoy having lots of little pockets for different things while others prefer just to have one large compartment. Decide what you prefer based on your needs or the type of things you carry around.
  • In most cases, picking a bag from a reputable manufacturer or designer means a higher-quality bag that will last longer.
  • Make absolutely sure that it’s large enough to put your laptop in while also protecting it! If the laptop can barely fit in your bag, then it might be prone to damage if you accidentally swing it at something.
  • When in doubt about sizes, larger is usually always better since you’ll have more space to carry all of your things.


Remember that your bag is going to be carrying all of your equipment that could be worth thousands. Having a sturdy bag not only ensures that you can carry all of your essentials, but it also means your items will be protected.


A laptop that suits your needs

Everyone has different needs for their laptop. Some entrepreneurs are creative types that need the extra power in order to run demanding applications, while others prefer a good typing experience in a relatively small laptop to ensure that they’re not carrying something that is too heavy.

Take a look at some of the most popular business laptops to see what can suit your needs. If you’re currently fine with your existing laptop then there’s no need to purchase a newer one, but if you’d prefer to have a laptop specifically for travelling purposes, then picking something that is sturdy, has a long battery life and offers a great typing experience is always a good idea.


A spare smartphone

You probably never leave the house without your smartphone, but what about carrying an extra spare smartphone? This is often a smart idea because it allows you to carry an additional sim card with you which is handy if you’re travelling in parts of the world where you don’t have roaming data.

This article titled Keeping Your Business Mobile is a great resource to check if you’re looking for a provider that could offer you international data usage. Remember that you can also purchase sim cards at your destination country that can be used in a second smartphone to access things like maps.


Spare batteries

Anything in your bag that can use a spare battery should ideally have a spare battery. These days, laptops and smartphones typically don’t allow you to swap batteries unless they are made with business use in mind. Instead, what you can do is purchase a power bank that can be plugged into your devices to charge them. You’ll need to check with your airline regarding the maximum capacity you can take on a plane as the values could change at any time.

If you’re carrying spare batteries, they must be placed in your carry-on luggage and not your checked-in luggage, so make sure there’s space in your bag for them!


International travel adapters

A highly-quality international travel adapter is a wonderful thing to have if you’re a travelling entrepreneur. It’ll ensure that you always have something to plug your devices into and it means you don’t need to purchase low-quality adapters from travel stores that can be ludicrously expensive. Instead, we suggest buying a high-quality adapter from a reputable tech company so you have a reliable one that will last for years.


Cables and adapters for your electronics

It’s never a bad idea to bring a couple of spare cables for your electronics. We suggest making yourself a cable bag that can be used to carry all kinds of spare cables, earphones, adapters and other tech essentials.


A high-quality notepad

While most people are accustomed to taking notes on their smartphones these days, writing pen on paper can be a lot more comfortable and convenient. Get yourself a high-quality Moleskine notepad and a pen to go with it for when you need to take notes, write down messages and so on.


Business cards

If you’re travelling for business, you need to carry business cards. Without business cards, it’s going to be difficult to give your contact details to someone else without having to write out a note on a flimsy piece of paper. Your business cards don’t need to be incredibly detailed or flashy. As long as they have your contact details and business name, they’ll be perfectly fine.

This obviously isn’t a full list of everything that you should have in your bag as a travelling entrepreneur, but it’s a great place to start to help you ensure that your carry-on luggage has all the essentials you need to work from abroad. It’s always an awful feeling knowing that you’ve left something at home or in the office, so make a personal checklist if you never want to leave without all of the essentials in your bag.




Photo by Dean Pugh on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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