Stop pinning your hopes and dreams on outside sources!

”RUBBISH! I was just in the mood to get my head down and then everything went off the rails and I couldn’t get ‘it’ done!”

Quit Complaining!SHUT UP!

Seriously, no one cares!

I love you, I really do, but unless I tell you the truth you are NEVER going to make it in business!

Quit complaining and quit blaming others and other things for it not happening! YOU are in charge of your success, YOU are responsible for your life and what happens in it!

Your clients don’t give a monkeys uncle about how you couldn’t do it! They care about how it all went wrong and YOU DID IT ANYWAY!

The moment you pin your hopes and dreams on someone or something else is the moment you give away all your control and all your power!

Take responsibility for your life, your entire life. For everything that’s happened to you so far and for your current situation!

Why? Because YOU ARE! and also, because it puts you back in the driver’s seat  to control your own life and to create your own reality!

You DO however have to have help to be successful , you CANNOT do it alone! We know everything we do because we’ve learned it from others, BUT does that mean we have to blame everyone else for what’s happening in our life? NOOO! If we made a million $ tomorrow, would we give all the credit to someone else? NO!!!!

You are responsible for your own success, no one else! Anyone who helps is just an added bonus you should be forever grateful for! Even the bad stuff, be grateful for the lesson, be grateful for the strength you drew from it and let that rubbish go!

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