9 Reasons To Redesign Your Office This Year

The layout of your office is quite possibly the biggest concern for your business. The way that your office looks doesn’t just influence the clients that walk through the door, but it changes the way that your employees work through the day. There are more businesses today that are understanding the way that their office designs are affecting their business than ever before. No longer do we see the dark, dank office environments in total silence and kept cold for staff to stay awake.

Office design has evolved into smarter spaces with remote workstations, breakout areas and comfortable common areas built for enjoyment. There are gyms in the building for burning through the energy and getting away from the desk. There are kitchens stuffed with healthy food options for maximum brain power. The workplace is now geared toward the people spending their eight hours a day in there making magic happen for their companies.

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Office redesign has to be something you’re willing to invest in as a business; otherwise, you won’t profit as much as those who see the merit in designing their office to maximise productivity. Let’s take a look at nine reasons why you should redesign your office this year.

An Inspiration

As the leader of your business, you need to inspire those who work for you. Did you know that over 70% of people believe that they are negatively affected by their place of work? Something as simple as getting advice about 3D floor plans from GNet before you begin your design process can make a massive difference to the wellbeing of those working under your leadership. Enhancing the personal and professional wellbeing of your staff should be a concern for you; starting with the layout will help!

Growth Planning

You want your business to grow and expand, as do most other inspired leaders. To be able to do this, you need an office space that’s going to accommodate your growth. Doing so will ensure that you have space for new talent to join your business and find a place to grow for themselves. If you design a big enough space to allow for this growth, you need neither relocate your company or refurbish it. No physical room for growth means that you have to go through the rigmarole and disruption of a move, and there is no need to if you plan.

Cost Reduction

Every business is being hit by rising costs, whether this is in their mortgage or rental payments, or the money they have to allocate for design and materials for their business services or products. The office has to work hard to remain stable and to operate, and it’s for this reason that businesses are heading toward technology and working a flexible space. Less floor space in the office equates to cheaper costs, so a flexible working environment is preferable to most other options.


Sustainability is one of the most critical aspects of business, especially in the wasteful world that we live in today. Not only will a greener office help you to remain happier in the workplace, but you can also stay competitive and reduce your costs. Anything from going paperless to improving the energy efficiency of your lighting can make for a minimal redesign with maximum results.

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A Good-Looking Brand

If your office space is designed in the right way, you can make your clients and your staff feel at ease. Clients arriving at a tired office that looks run down is not going to inspire greatness, and this is what you want to do. First impressions are everything, and a workplace that is designed carefully can help you to achieve that.

Excellent Culture

Being in a privileged enough position to own a business also puts you in a position to design an office space that suits you. You need a company culture that is strong and collaborative. You cannot achieve this with the walls up between offices. Instead, you need to consider letting them go and embracing an open space. People are directly responsible for the success of your business, and when they are collaborating and swapping ideas, they can motivate each other and build a relationship that keeps the company knitted together.

Flexible Working

We live in an age where technology allows us to collaboratively work without the need to be sat in silence together in one room. Flexible working models don’t only allow for the type of workplace design that will enable you to save money and floor space, but it will allow you and your staff the choice in how they work. It provides a far better work and life balance if your team get the choice in their methods. Offering that choice engenders loyalty and allows your staff to want to stay.

Growing A Team

The better your office design, the better you can accommodate more people in the office. You can make the most of the space that you have and encourage your staff to work in a place they feel relaxed and comfortable. As time goes on, you can accommodate the needs of your team and allow them to work in a way that works best for you, too.

Better Productivity

An office that is catered to a positive working environment is one that will encourage staff to be productive. New workplace designs can increase how enthusiastic and motivated your staff work. This attitude to the business means that you can only be successful if you ensure productivity is maintained. Enable your staff to be happy and working hard, and you will have a reputation as a business that cares about people who work within it.

All of these reasons to redesign your office are as valid as the next. You want your business to be a competitive force of nature in the market, and you can do this with the right reputation and image you portray for yourself. Take the time to ensure you act as early as possible for maximum success.

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