8 Great Guest Room Ideas

Are you moving into a new apartment with an extra bedroom and don’t know what to do? Do you regularly have guests over and want to make them feel special in your home? Follow these easy ideas that will make you want to invite your friends over for a sleepover even more. 

Floating shelves

Are you dealing with cramped corners? Consider putting floating shelves in that are not only modern but also very convenient. You can choose different types and shapes of floating shelves from—plain rectangular, circles, hexagons, or triangles. Whatever form you choose, it will make a difference if you want to save some space. 

Plants Gone Wild 

Consider purchasing a luscious plant for aesthetically pleasing decoration. Whether it is a natural plant or a fake one, both of them will look evenly good. Using plants creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that will unconsciously make your guests feel at home. 

Trendy pillows

Putting some luxury and matching pillows on the bed can make the room instantly glow up instead of looking dull and plain. Suitable pillows can change the whole picture of a room without doing a complete makeover. Trendy pillows are usually handmade covers with fine details and efforts. 


You can add some extra textures to the room by installing headboards above the bed. You can either choose some DIY headboards consisting of old rugs, paint your headboard if you have an artsy-craftsy side, or build some headboards out of wood to give that classic vintage look. 


There is nothing that brings a room together better than a comfy rug. If you have some extra space in the room, purchase a carpet and make your guests’ feet comfortable in those cold early mornings. 

Padded Benches 

To give some extra seating for your guests, purchase a padded bench or make your own. This is very convenient for your guests to put their overnight bags. You can even add storage space inside the padded bench to store folded sheets and extra blankets. 


Before choosing a mural, you need to have a theme and stick to it. If your theme is colorful and joyous, consider a flower mural. If you are into comics and Marvel movies, create a mural of the Avengers group. A mural can be made out of anything you want. It is more convenient than painting and usually lasts longer. 

Dividing Screens

Dividing screens give your guests the privacy they need with a touch of class. You can choose from various dividing screens from bamboo, wood, rattan, or even plastic. 

Bright linens

Nothing stands out more than a bright color in your bedroom. Make the linens in the bedroom the color of your choosing; remember it should fit in with your theme. You can also consider buying some great quality cotton bedding from King of Cotton materials. Cotton linens and blankets are preferred and very comfortable. 

These are just a few simple things you can do to make your guest bedroom one of a kind. 



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