Pink&Green’s Roots

Carol as a child (2)As a little girl, my playground was woodland and corn fields.  As a family we spent our leisure time, walking the hills, exploring the landscape.  Something I still do today.  My grandparents and parents taught me some of the benefits of plants/herbs, how to take cuttings, grow plants from seeds and create beautiful gardens.

It wasn’t until I trained to become a beauty/holistic therapist that I drew on this experience and learnt how to formulate natural skincare products with a view to selling to the public.

Over time, I have noticed that (in general) women expect a lot of themselves.  What we can forget to do, is find our “selves” and give this important aspect of “self” much quality time. I want to offer women the opportunity to take a break from addressing the needs of others, and focus upon their own needs for a while.

Coupled with my skincare knowledge, I looked for a way to offer positive reinforcement of these values, alongside lovingly created skincare.

Pink&Green Skincare was born.  An organic skincare brand for women, formulated from exquisite specialist oils and butters.  I wanted my brand to echo how fabulous and gorgeous we all are.  I am passionate about encouraging women to take good care of their skin and to enjoy some quality time too.  A skincare ritual, for me, is an opportunity to be with your “self” and honour your inner beauty.

It is one thing making sure what you put in your body is pure, but it is also important to be mindful when it comes to what you put on your skin.

It is so easy to stick with what you know but looking at what goes into your moisturiser and cleanser can be a chemical eye opener.

We make a point of listing all our ingredients on our website, explaining the benefits of each one.  It’s important to us that our customers know what they will be using on their skin and why.  This is also reflected in our labelling.

I have used a range of organic oils specifically beneficial for the face that absorb well and have many properties that help restore the skin’s natural balance, as well as for greasy skin.  Pink & Green’s products are natural; contain no harsh chemicals or alcohols.
Have you ever used a cleansing Oil?  Give it a try; it’s a wonderful experience.  You need very little to cleanse (only a few drops); removed with a muslin cloth your skin feels supple and radiant. 

As a holistic/beauty business owner myself, I know how fabulous it is to relax and enjoy a pampering session, alongside beautifully crafted products.  This year, I am offering salon owners and their clients the opportunity to experience Pink&Green signature treatments, with the opportunity to continue the good work at home, with our range of skincare rituals.

We source all our own natural ingredients responsibly and hand-make all of our range in small batches, with love and care, in our Wiltshire studio.






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