6 Top Reasons To Maintain Office Hygiene

The average office worker spends eight hours a day in their workspace and it is crucial that this time spent is as comfortable as possible.

Poor office hygiene can have a huge impact on both the mental and physical health of our employees. GCC Facilities Management, providers of a broad range of facilities management services, conducted a survey of over 650 office workers to find out how often common office items are cleaned. You can see more of GCC FM’s commercial cleaning services here: http://www.gccfm.com/commercial-cleaning-services/

You can see the full study here which revealed a shocking 28% of telephones are never cleaned, 31% of keyboards are neglected and 37% of computer mice have never been sanitised.

Below, GCC Facilities Management explores the top 6 reasons why maintaining a clean office is critical to both you and your colleagues.

1.   You Will Improve Employee Welfare

Studies have proven that a well-maintained workspace will increase happiness among your workforce, therefore increasing productivity and efficiency.

If your employees are forced to work in unsanitary conditions, mental health can deteriorate and you could face your workforce resigning if things get drastic.

If you are not satisfied with the conditions of your premises, it is highly likely your staff aren’t either. You can reflect how much you value your team by providing them with a well-presented environment.

2.   Maintain a Professional Image

Your workforce are not the only ones who will be presented with a negative image of the business due to poor cleanliness. Visiting investors, clients and suppliers may often frequent your offices.

First impressions, especially in a professional environment, are one of the most important elements when meeting with other industries.

If you present a poor image of your company, not only can you give yourself the potential to lose business but also present a negative image. Word travels fast throughout industries and if a visitor believes your company does not present an adequate image, others will know shortly.

It is genetically programmed within humans to be disgusted by an unsanitary environment to protect ourselves from diseases. Don’t allow this to upset your business.

3.   Maintaining Employee Health

Bugs and viruses spreading through the office can be a huge inconvenience to all those involved. By maintaining a good standard of office cleanliness, you can prevent you and your staff from falling ill.

Studies show a staggering rise of 12 million sick days taken for preventable illness since 2011, which has cost millions to businesses throughout the UK.

When a member of your workforce catches a cold or flu virus, this can spread throughout the team like wildfire, causing sick days to be taken. Cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces for days, so even if those who are unwell do not come into the office, you are still susceptible to falling sick yourself.

 “Surfaces and equipment can harbour dirt, viruses and bacteria that can remain active for months. Without regular office cleaning and good personal hygiene – e.g. antibacterial hand washing – there’s an increased chance of these surface germs transferring to you and giving you illnesses like flu, food poisoning and diarrhoea.”- Dr Arun Thiyagarajan, Health Clinics Medical Director, from Bupa UK.

Not only is office hygiene apparent for physical health, but also the mental health of your staff.

4.   Improve Your Health & Safety Standards

Slips, trips, falls and any other injuries are something any employer should attempt to prevent at all cost.

Shared spaces, such as kitchens and washrooms, can often become a hazard due to spillages and debris on stairs and corridors can be a threat.

Ensuring these areas are kept clear, clean and safe, you can eliminate the risk of staff harming themselves.

Not only will injury cause your team members to take time off work, if the injury was substantial and you are proven to have not taken proper steps to ensure the safety of your workforce, but you could also be liable if brought to court.

5.   Provide Cleaner Air

Airborne pollutants can be up to 100 times greater indoors than outdoors and this can cause a knock-on effect on your staff, especially those who suffer from asthma and other breathing-related conditions.

If your business handles hazardous materials, it is incredibly important to manage your air quality. Keeping your space clean can prevent harmful particles from drifting into departments who may have not taken safety measures to protect themselves from these.

6.   It Can Save You Money

At one point or another, you will be required to refurbish your office space. This can be incredibly costly if you are wishing to restore your workspace to its former glory.

You can preserve flooring, windows, furniture and soft furnishings for longer by ensuring they are regularly cleaned and maintained, therefore you will require less frequent refurbishing and you can save money.

Frequent cleaning will often be more cost-effective than intermittent deep cleaning, that can also be ineffective if dirt and grime are too worn into your workspace.

23% of employees are now reported to be using their own funds to pay for office cleaning supplies as they do not believe adequate products are supplied by employers. Don’t allow your staff to suffer from neglect of cleanliness and make sure you keep standards high to benefit all aspects of your company.



Author Bio:
Stephen Hooley – Stephen Hooley is the Marketing Manager for GCC Facilities Management. GCC Facilities Management provides the full range of facilities management services so you need not look anywhere else to meet your requirements. No client is too big or small. They are a privately owned company, established in 1975, committed to achieving the major recognised accreditations in our industry.

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