5 Ways To Create The Perfect Business Website

Every business needs a website, and there is plenty of freedom when it comes to creating the perfect one for you. Let’s be honest here, though, we’ve all seen some pretty terrible websites out there. From those with below par graphics to websites that we simply can’t navigate very well, it can be super off putting to visit a business website that hasn’t been designed with the customer in mind.

So what should you think about when you’re creating your company website, and how can you make it perfect? We’ve noted down 5 ideas here.


#1: Keep the design in line with your brand

Needless to say, you’ve probably already created a logo for your brand, and you have an entire aesthetic to go with it. This is a look that you should carry through onto your website, as it will maintain the overall professional feel of your company, and it will help people to recognize your brand straight away. If you’re not quite sure how to do this, then speak to a website design company about your options.


#2: Make it easy to navigate

Your customers won’t be on your website for long, and they certainly won’t if they struggle to navigate through your web pages. Use a site map that is simple, and you’ll find that you’re getting better results out of your site. It’s also important to make your contact details easy to find; you can even add in a contact form if you’d prefer to do this. Ease of use should be at the forefront of your design.


#3: Add an ‘About Us’ page

One thing that customers love is knowing more about who they’re buying their goods from. Are you a family owned business, with a personal approach? Well, tell them. Do you have an office dog? Well, tell them. Customers love to feel that they have a personal link with a business, and you can do this simply by adding an interesting ‘About Us’ page that will grab their attention straight away.


#4: Use gripping copy

So many business websites out there make the mistake of being intolerably boring. If you can inject a little fun into your content, then why not do it? This will make it more relatable for those visiting your site, and it will also show your potential customers that you’re down to earth, and easy to approach. Don’t fall into the trap of making your copy too serious, as this can be boring at best, and intimidating at worst.


#5: Show reviews from your customers

There are very few people out there now who will buy something from a company without reading testimonials from other customers. Make it easy for them by putting a few up on your website, and showing that you’re 100% for transparency in all of your dealings with people. If you have bad feedback anywhere online, ensure that you make every effort to respond to it and to put it right, too.


Good luck creating the perfect business website!




Photo by Format from Pexels

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