5 Great Careers For Tech Enthusiasts

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Do you love technology? Here are five modern jobs that could allow you to explore your passion for tech. Such jobs are likely to have stable future and are also relatively well-paid.

Get into data analytics

Data analytics is often heralded as one of the hottest new jobs. It involves detecting trends in data in order to help companies make improvements. This could include analysing financial data to save costs or analysing marketing stats in order to improve marketing.

Getting into analytics usually involves taking a course – you can find more about these courses at KDNuggets. Knowing a programming language could also be beneficial. In some cases, it can be very well-paid career.

Become a website designer

Web design could be another exciting career to get into. Despite free website builders existing, many people are still willing to  pay professionals to design website from scratch due to the added complexity and professionalism that such sites can offer.

To become a web designer you’ll need to learn how to code in a scripting language such as JavaScript. Web design could be something you do freelance or it could be something you do working for an employer.

Help develop software and apps

Developing software and apps could be another cool job to try. As the world becomes more digital and we rely more on the internet of things, the need to build robust apps and software is growing. Software teams are growing and salaries are going up.

You’ll need to learn a coding language to get into software/app development – objective C and Swift are two examples of this. You may then be able to build your own software and apps and build a portfolio before being hired by a software or app development company.

Work yourself up to the positions of CIO

Large companies are now hiring CIOs (Chief Information Officers) to help manage all their IT. Duties could involve choosing software, improving digital security and fixing bugs.

As this USC guide details, this job is fast evolving and because of this it is very well paid. IT qualifications are likely to be needed as well as experience working in IT before you can climb your way up to this role.

Become an ethical hacker

Ethical hacking is a job that involves using hacking skills to test software products and improve them. It is becoming a more popular role in digital security companies as a way of staying one step ahead of cybercriminals. The job also comes with a great salary.

Certain colleges have started running ethical hacking courses specifically for getting into this field. Skills in programming and experience in digital security may also be enough to break into this career.

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