4 Tips For Running a Business During Lockdown

Running a business during lockdown can be extremely different from how you were running your business a few months ago. Many companies have had to change how they do things, some are restricted in what they can do, and others have not been able to run at all. Taking the time to adequately adapt so that your business can run in some capacity while keeping your employees and customers safe can be essential to keeping your business afloat.

Although they may not apply to every type of business, below are some tips that may help you if you are running a business during lockdown:

Check-in with your employees

Whether they have been furloughed, are working from home, or you are all still at work, you must check-in with your employees. Check-in to see how they are coping and if there is anything that you can do to help. It is something that they will remember you doing during this difficult time, and will strengthen the relationship between employee and employer.

If your employees are working from home, encourage them to have video calls between the team. This will be great for morale, and give everyone the chance to let everyone know what they are doing, and if they need help getting any of their work done.

If you are all still physically at work, check-in with employees to see if there is anything else they would like to happen to ensure their safety. It is crucial that your employees feel safe and looked after while they are doing their job during a pandemic.

Keep your clients up to date

If you have had to make any changes to how your business is run, or even if your business is still running as usual, let your clients know. They may also want to know about the precautions you are taking to keep staff and customers safe. In some cases, how the clients are being affected by lockdown may mean that their relationship with your business has to change for the time being. By keeping these conversations open, clients may be able to help your business, and your business may be able to help your clients. 

Keep up to date

There are lots of changes happening to rules regarding social distancing, funding that is available for businesses, and many other things during the pandemic. To ensure that you are doing the best for your business and employees, and accessing any help that you might be eligible for, it is essential to try and keep up with these changes. An excellent way to keep up to date is to look at the COVID-19 business timeline at Vail Williams. It shows what help was announced and when, such as furlough being extended, and when certain businesses can reopen.

Look after yourself

Running a business can be stressful at the best of times, but especially during a pandemic. To make sure you can do the best job, make sure that you are looking after yourself. Make sure you are staying active and eating well, but also doing things that help you to relax.

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