4 Tips For Freelance Writers

Starting up as a freelance writer can be an exciting time, yet it can also be daunting. You are likely to be comfortable with words and have written before, but going all out and doing this full time as a freelancer can still seem like a big step. Sometimes it can be difficult to know quite where to start or what to focus on, which is where we come in today. Here are our 4 tips for freelance writers.

Create your own workspace 

When you work from home it can be difficult to separate your personal life from your professional life. One of the best ways to do this is to create your own workspace.

Ideally you will want to have an office away from everything else in the house, but if this cannot be done, a nook in a room can work too. Set it up with all that you need to switch into your professional mode.

You might find that you are actually more productive having a workspace out of your home, so you could look into renting a desk in a work environment or even working out of your local coffee shop. Take the time to experiment and find what works best for you. 

Once you have a defined workspace, do seek out additional ways to reduce stress when working from home, such as keeping set working hours and taking regular breaks, to help you to manage your workload.



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Set up your own website 

It is worth having a website as a hub for your work, a form of shop frontage for your business. 

Your website should make it easy for potential clients to contact you and be clear about the services that you can offer. 

Ideally you will run a blog from this site so that people can dip in and see samples of your work and skills. You might choose to make this a lifestyle offering or write a business blog in keeping with your work. Whatever you choose, keep it fresh and update it at least a couple of times monthly.

Embrace the challenges

You might be inclined initially to only take on projects that fit within your previous industry or that you have some personal experience around. Whilst this can make it easier and more manageable for you, it can also limit your opportunities.

Do not be afraid of taking on work that is outside of your existing knowledge. You will be amazed by how quickly you pick things up and before you know it you will be writing about anything from a telematics definition to a pet grooming guide and enjoying the variety that your work offers you.

Reach out for work regularly 

Even if you have some steady projects to work on and a stream of opportunities coming through, it is always worth reaching out for work regularly. Freelancing often means that contracts can be short term and projects can be pulled from you quickly. It is worth having back up work for these eventualities.

Aim to spend a couple of hours each month seeking fresh opportunities and touching base with previous clients. 

Send out your CV regularly to relevant agencies and companies and always keep your LinkedIn profile up to date so that people can get in touch with you. 

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