4 Reasons Businesses Should Take Lighting More Seriously In 2020

Are you aware that there is a whole host of lighting options for businesses? Let’s face it – lighting isn’t on every company’s to-do list. And, if it is, it doesn’t rank high because there are lots of more important factors that impact success. From turnover and conversion rates to lead generation, the odds are that you’re going to focus on them intensely to try and stay in the black. However, the truth is that your business’ lighting fixtures will have a significant impact on the firm’s future.

Here are the things the right lighting can affect. Some of them could be surprising.

Employee Productivity

The days of workers doing as they are told are long gone. Therefore, employees won’t stand for working conditions that are mediocre or below-par. More importantly, they shouldn’t have to because creating a healthy environment and atmosphere is good for the company. Plenty of light will make them feel as if they aren’t in a prison cell, which will directly impact their mood. Happy, healthy workers are bound to give their all when they arrive at their desks each morning, and light fixtures are fantastic methods to ensure the workspace encourages these feelings. This is particularly true if there isn’t a lot of natural sunlight.

CO2 Emissions

Businesses have to be more aware of their carbon footprint than ever before. There are several reasons as to why, including the moral aspect, but the main one is customer morality. Consumers no longer buy products or services without asking questions. Instead, they want to know that their purchases don’t exploit or harm the planet. Using RGB LED strip lighting is an excellent way to lower your business’ CO2 footprint without sacrificing things such as employee productivity and security. Better yet, your customers will love the fact that you take care of the environment.


In today’s tech-conscious world, it’s tempting to think that the only security threats are online. Of course, burglars and thieves will still take opportunities if they see them, and premises without lighting are prime targets. The reason is simple: there are lots of dark spaces for them to work unnoticed. Outdoor lighting, then, while affordable and basic, could prevent burglars from breaking into your offices and stealing essential hardware and software. Sure, you need to consider your digital security, too. However, it’s as vital to protect physical workspace if you don’t want a data breach, or if you don’t want to lose expensive equipment.


Money is one thing a modern business can’t underestimate. No matter how small the savings, it’s imperative to cut costs and try and avoid debt. Lighting is one area where you can make considerable savings if you choose wisely. LEDs, for instance, are not only more energy-efficient, but they have a longer life expectancy. Plus, they hardly require much maintenance. Considering the upfront costs aren’t high, you can protect your business, increase productivity and be greener while cutting your expenses. That’s impressive!

Do you take lighting seriously as a business owner and entrepreneur?



Image credit: Pixabay – CC0 Licence

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