3 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Success


Getting the right people in for the job can save your company a lot of money. So often, companies don’t focus their attention on the right area and are not targeting the right people when it comes to recruitment. This leads to poor staff retention, the need to performance manage staff, and ultimately it will affect your productivity and profits. 

The wrong person on your team could be very disruptive. Other employees may feel as though they are carrying that person, and no amount of training and development can seem to put it right. Nobody enjoys having to let staff go because they are not performing well enough, and when the problem is down to recruitment, the fault lies with the company, not the employee who has not made the cut. 

For these reasons, it is important that you invest time and energy in developing your recruitment policy in order to breed success in all of the right places. Here are some ways that you can focus your attention in a much more productive manner to achieve better results.


Used Specialized Recruitment 

Using the right recruitment sources will ensure you get the right employees. Use an engineering recruitment agency if you want to recruit employees within this sector. Using a generalized recruitment agency will mean that you won’t get the knowledge and understanding of the needs of your specific sector or business. If you are dealing with a recruitment agency that handles recruits for this industry they will have a solid baseline understanding of the different operational functions. They will know what experience and qualifications will be required, and you won’t end up with someone who is ill-equipped for the role.


Use Varied Assessment Techniques

Some people react well to some forms of assessment, while others perform well in others. When it comes to interviewing and assessing your candidates, put them through a number of different assessment techniques that will aim to test different aspects of their personalities and skillsets. This will give you a better understanding of that person as an individual. It may well be that they are not good at answering questions in a pressurized environment, but when it comes to doing the tasks they need to do each day, they are very confident. If their job does not involve them having to answer questions under pressure, then a formal interview may not be a fair assessment of their skills.

It’s also important to make sure that they’re not only competent to carry out the role, but that they will also gel well with your team. Now, your employees don’t always have to be the best of friends, but they should get on and you should use 360 feedback to ensure that everything is running smoothly between them as time goes on. When recruiting, consider the personalities already in your team and consider whether this new individual will fit into the group seamlessly.


Give More Details On The Job Role 

When it comes to advertising the job role, you should make sure and give as much information about the specific job role as possible. Too often companies just use generic information that does not really indicate much about the job. Make sure each job advert is unique to the specific role it is for. If you have multiple positions, provide clear definitions of them all. A break down of what the job entails will be very helpful and will help prevent unsuitable applicants applying.




Image by aymane jdidi from Pixabay

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