3 Reasons Why Every Business Website Needs A Sitemap

When designing your business website, there are a number of key elements to get right. But have you put any thought into your HTML sitemap? Many businesses don’t consider this because they don’t know what it is in the first place or why it’s important.


A sitemap is a file that provides information about all of the pages on your website and how they are related. Think of it as a family tree for your website that shows the links between each page and how people will navigate around them. People that visit your website won’t see the sitemap, so why is it important? Even though it isn’t visible, there are a lot of benefits to using a sitemap. Here’s why your business website needs one. 

Improve Your SEO 

Finding ways to improve SEO should always be a priority when building your site. If nobody sees it in the first place, what’s the point in creating this amazing site? There are a lot of ways to do this, but having a sitemap is one of the best. It shows the search engine how to navigate the website, so it considers all pages on your site and you are more likely to appear higher in the search rankings. A professional agency like Manchester SEO can help you design the right sitemap so it works towards your SEO profile. As soon as you add or update your sitemap, you should notice a difference to your traffic levels. 

Optimize Large Websites

As your business grows, your site may grow with it. Poor navigation and functionality is one of the biggest website mistakes people make. Often, websites don’t function well because they grow and pages are added on at random and they are not always in the most logical place. Having a site map allows you to clearly see the structure of the site so it can be expanded and pages can be added in the right places, meaning that users can still navigate the site easily. 

Avoid Orphan Pages And Duplicate Data

An orphan page is a page on the site that has no links to it. It might be filled with great content but nobody will ever see it because there is no way to get to it. This often happens when websites are updated and the pages are reorganized and things get missed. It’s crucial that you eliminate orphan pages because they can damage your SEO and your users miss out on important content on the site. A sitemap can help you avoid creating orphan pages in the first place and identify them so you can fix them later on. 

Sitemaps are also great at helping you find duplicate data. If there are duplicate pages on your site, search engines don’t like this and it could harm your rankings. It’s easy to see if there are any copies of pages when you have them all laid out in a simple sitemap. 

Adding and maintaining the sitemap can drastically improve your business website, so if you don’t already have one, look into creating one or speak with your web designer. 



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