3 Office Design Tips That Increase Productivity

Trying to keep employees motivated and productive is one of your most important jobs as a boss. There are so many different ways to do that like paying a good salary and offering good benefits. But you should start with your office space. The way that the office is designed and set up can have a big impact on productivity so you need to put some thought into it. These are some of the best office design changes to make if you want to increase productivity.

It’s Not All About Open Plan

The cubicle system was the standard for offices for a long time but in recent years, people have started moving away from that. The idea is that an open plan office is more conducive to collaboration and teamwork and people don’t work effectively when they’re shut away in a cubicle. However, that’s not quite the case. It’s true that some people don’t work well in a cubicle, but some people prefer it. The key is to focus on variety and create a wide range of different work spaces, some designed for collaboration and some for individual work. You should have certain areas of the office that are open, but you also need to contact a plastic tubing & extrusion manufacturer to help you create partitions in other areas. They don’t have to be the dull partitions that you usually associate with an office as long as they block out distractions so people can get their head down and work. You also need to put some teamwork spaces in so people can collaborate on projects together. As long as you focus on variety in your office, all of your employees will be able to find a workspace that suits them and they’ll be more productive.

Consider The Natural Light

When you’re trying to design these different spaces, you need to consider the natural light. Studies show that people are more productive and happier when they’re exposed to natural rather than artificial light. If you’re having a complete redesign of the office, it might be worth moving out as much of the furniture as possible so you can see where the light naturally falls. If you don’t get much natural light, you might want to invest in increasing the size of the windows. If you design the layout of the office around the natural light so you can maximize it in all areas, you should see a big increase in productivity.

Raise The Ceilings

The ceiling height of a room has a big effect on how it feels in there, even if you don’t really think about it that much. A room with very low ceilings feels incredibly claustrophobic and restrictive and that will impact people’s attitude in the office because it doesn’t create a nice atmosphere. But if you can raise the ceilings and open that space up, it’ll feel so much nicer. Studies show that open spaces are conducive to creative thinking and problem solving which is always beneficial to your business.

If you haven’t put much thought into the design and layout of your office before, it could be having a big impact on productivity in your business.

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