3 Common Mistakes to Avoid if Your Amazon Seller Account is Suspended

If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, you might be wondering, ‘what do I do now?’. After an account suspension, many sellers might make some common mistakes, which could result in the appeal process being damaged or delays in your reinstatement. It’s important to start implementing the right practices when you go through the reinstatement process as soon as the account is suspended. Here are some common mistakes sellers make that you should avoid if your Amazon account has been suspended.

Take Your Time Preparing an Appeal:

The suspension is a process, and many sellers make the mistake of thinking that they need to submit something right away. Unfortunately, this can lead to the appeal button being wasted on an ineffective plan of action. Bear in mind Amazon typically won’t reinstate an account right after the first appeal. In most cases, the process can take up to several weeks to complete and will require multiple communications back and forth with Seller Performance. Remember that thousands of sellers are suspended on a day-to-day basis and investigators typically only take a few minutes to review appeals. Rather than jumping straight into submitting something, take the time to prepare the most effective appeal. Thompson and Holt have provided some very effective guidelines here on how to write an Amazon plan of action and submit an appeal letter to Amazon which will teach you all you need to know.

Do Not Open a Second Account:

Some sellers think that once their account is suspended, all they need to do is open a new account and start again. But even if you use a different name and bank account, this will not fool Amazon. Opening a new account after being suspended is a sure-fire way to cause significant damage to the process of reinstatement – and could even stop you from being reinstated at all. Amazon has many ways of linking seller accounts and they will discover your second account, even if you use different details. And once the second account has been linked to you, it will be suspended too, with zero chance of reinstatement.

Don’t Threaten Legal Action:

Seller Performance wants to deal directly with sellers during the appeals process, and they also want to see that the seller is taking accountability for their actions. Unfortunately, one common mistake is for the seller to reach out to a solicitor for assistance, and the solicitor will contact Seller Performance on their behalf, which can significantly delay the appeal process. In some cases, Amazon may become completely unresponsive until the seller gets in touch personally regarding the suspension. One exception to this rule is in the case of an infringement suspension when a solicitor can reach out to the complaining party in order to request that the complaint be withdrawn and reach a resolution. Once this is achieved, the seller must communicate personally with Seller Performance regarding the results.

There are many reasons why your Amazon seller account may have been suspended. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, be sure to avoid these common mistakes in order to ensure that the reinstatement process runs as smoothly as possible.

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