3 Alternative Team Building Activity Ideas

In business, you’re only as strong as the team around you, and sometimes a team’s strength can be tested if your sole focus is always on working hard and earning money – which of course it will be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This mentality leaves no time, however, for bonding or true opportunities to get to know one another.

Even with a team who may be securely established and always successful in working together, days to reconnect and share a laugh doing activities which aren’t work-related can be very valuable and bring a fresh spring in your employees’ step when they arrive back to work.

Here are a few ideas which aren’t your typical ways to strengthen a team.

A Sports Game

Sometimes, the best ways to bond are when it doesn’t feel forced. Getting a bunch of people together in a room and planning business-based activities to bring them together can work, of course, but better bonds are formed in relaxed, social environments, and a sports game is a great example.

You could still plan smaller, more work-related activities around the big game, maybe beforehand, and then let the team relax together during. You could even try switching around the seating plan so certain employees who haven’t been talking much could take the opportunity to sit together and share the experience – and share in a cheer or a boo.

Find out what the workers enjoy in terms of sport, or go completely out of your comfort zone to truly encourage people to share a new experience together; Ticket Sales can show you which sort of sports activities are on offer and all the available tickets.

Flash Mobbing

You’re probably already aware of flash mobbing even if you didn’t realise that’s what it’s called – as you will have seen big groups of randomly assembled people in public places perform spontaneous acts, which are usually impressive dance routines.

This could be a fun choice for you and your team and is it invites the idea of practice, choreography, and a jolly fun time doing something carefree and completely random. If your team isn’t feeling the dance side of things, flash mobbing can work with anything – maybe a fun scene from a famous movie acted out, a costume parade or a sudden burst of song.

If it makes your team squirm, then all the better – as sometimes bonding is done more efficiently when people are depending on the others to simply help them through.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling

Everybody wants to try one of those inflatable fat suits, surely. It’s also a great tool to let out pent up stress and the results of hard labour that your team might be feeling – and what could be more enjoyable than seeing your boss wearing a fat suit and being able to wrestle them to the ground in it? A bit of friendly competition is always a great ingredient to a productive team-building exercise, too. The photos you’ll have afterwards will also be priceless.

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