Holistic therapy is not a job; it is a passion, a vocation, a drive

I found out I was a natural born healer before I even started school. My mum was working night shifts and struggling to sleep when she was getting home in the mornings. I used to gently stroke her back and shoulders until she fell asleep.

As a teenager I started getting panic attacks when surrounded by a lot of people. I could never understand what I was fearful of, I just used to get overwhelmed by emotions that didn’t feel like mine. I later found out that I was experiencing energy transference and that I was picking up on other people’s negative emotions and taking them on as my own.

I was introduced to massage therapy by a family friend, who used a mixture of sports massage and kinesiology to treat me for severe shoulder tension. I was immediately hooked and knew there and then that I wanted to heal people, both physically and psychologically. I started training as soon as I left school and have never looked back.

I feel it’s so important to continue learning about different therapies and methods of holistic healing, I have become the perpetual therapy student with a passion to help and heal. With all of the therapies that I have learned so far, I am able to tailor treatments for every individual person to deliver a deep tissue, muscle releasing and energy balancing experience.

Kayleigh Purser Kayleigh Purser Therapies


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