10 Ways To Increase Your Small Business Profits

If someone ever told you that your business could be a successful one without making any profits, you’d likely say to them they’re wrong and refuse any further advice from them. Did you know that a business doesn’t necessarily need to make a profit if it’s being fuelled with funding from other sources? However, this is not the goal for most business owners who want to attract investment from outside sources and become a self-sustaining company over time! 

To be a successful business, profit must be generated over time, as the alternative to this is insolvency. In the first few years of operation, a new business usually does not make a profit due to the fact that their customer base has not yet become established. Of course, different companies across varying industries have different start-up cost levels, and owners will always pay for these costs out of pocket before any profit is made. It’s, for this reason, it’s essential to understand why your business needs to make a profit and why this will take a significant investment.

As a business, you’ll rely on your profits to bring in new customers, buy new inventory, expand your business, and pay for the development of your products. If you don’t have any way of making a profit, your business is likely to stagnate, and it could end up being a loser company against competitors. When your business is a large one, your share price will fall without any generated profits. This then affects the ability to borrow, and companies that are dealing with share prices that are falling are then at risk of hostile takeovers by competitive firms.

The good news is that increasing your profits as a small business doesn’t mean that you have to do anything drastic. There’s no need to lay off your staff or up your prices to try and desperately make some cash. However, just a few smaller changes can make a massive difference to the bottom line of your business. You know that sales aren’t the only thing that indicates success for your business. The best measure for success is the profit that you make as a business, and increasing your profit usually means increasing your sales. The problem there is that the cost of growing sales could lead to a massive decrease in profit margins. Every business owner wants to make more money, and the longer that your business stays viable, the longer the doors can remain open, and the longer the staff is retained and loyal. There are – thankfully – a number of ways that you can increase your profits that don’t always involve upping your prices significantly. 

We’ve got nine ways you can increase your small business profits.

Creativity Is Key

One of the best ways to make more money is through invoice finance, where you can earn more money on the invoices you are due – even if they’ve not been paid yet. You can keep your business costs and profits level while you wait for your clients to pay their invoices, ensuring that you don’t end up out of pocket. It’s one of the best ways that you can ensure that, as a business, you don’t sink due to waiting around for other people to pay their bills.

Go Paperless

Did you know that you can save your business money and thus increase your margins by going paperless? The reliance that you have on paper makes everything cheaper. Of course, you may not be able to cut out paper entirely, and that’s okay! The idea is to reduce your use as much as you can, reducing how much you spend on things related to paper. When you don’t buy in as much paper, you don’t pay for as much toner for the photocopier or the printer, and you don’t have to buy binders, folders, and filing cabinets regularly. The way that you handle your business paperwork can change by moving onto a business cloud, and not only will you save some money, but you’ll also save the planet a little bit, too!

Information Marketing

Marketing is the sweetest thing that you can do for your business, especially when you have demanding customers out there who want more from you. Think about how your customers are hungry for information these days. They want to know everything that they can before they make their choice of purchase or talk to a salesperson. If you can ensure that you provide the information that you know what they want, you can become more profitable. It’s essential to win your customers’ attention so that you can do more for them. There are plenty of ways that you can impart education onto your customers, and putting your information out there on social media can help. You can use lead magnets to get the contact information of your clients, and these don’t cost anything! You don’t need much information, but you need enough to get their attention.

Update Your Systems

Consider the software and systems that you currently use and think about how you can save more money by switching to other programs or vendors. There are even some programs that will give you more money for what you’re spending, which can help you to generate cost savings and increase your profits. It’ll take you some time to find what you need, but the long-term savings ahead are worth it as they will be significant.

Diversify & Add New Services

When your customers need products and services similar to what you are providing right now, they will look to you for the next step in the product chain. If there is a way that you can diversify on what you are doing and provide your customers with an even better service, do it. Keep track of the services as demanded by your customers and don’t skip out on the market research. You wouldn’t want to stock up on items that your customers have been calling for only to realize only one customer was asking for it. Make sure your diversification in products is related to what your customers are already attracted to about you!

Bundle Your Services

If you want to be even more desirable to your customers, think about bundling your products. So, if you offer advertising services as part of your business, think about bundling these with post-campaign analytics. This gives your clients a discount while equally increasing the profit you earn per client. Never explain that you’re giving anything away for free – it’s not free. You’re charging a discount, not a freebie and if you mention it is free, the customer may not want to buy the same.

Aim For Repeat Customers

Did you know that you can increase your sales and the ability to be profitable without needing to increase the marketing budget that your business has? You can use email and text to stay in touch with your customers and even if they are happy with what they’ve bought, they will keep coming back. When you solve a customer problem, you encourage them to buy from you again, and you drum up that customer loyalty that you need the most. Send email reminders and text reminders for new products, or when it’s been a certain length of time since their last purchase. Seasonal offers and VIP lists are very attractive to customers, and the more of these you do, the happier they will be.

Boost Business Efficiency

You may have done things in a certain way for years, but that doesn’t mean that the way that you do those things are an excellent way! If you change the way you’ve held some business practices now, you could give your profits the boost that they are lacking. What happens at those weekly meetings? Who benefits and achieves based on your findings as a business? When your time is free to spend time together with your staff, you can all benefit. Happier and more productive staff leads to better business efficiency, and this then leads to additional profits. While you’re looking to your team to improve efficiency, think about your processes and systems and how they can be boosted, too. Your phone service, your internet provider, your website host – all of these places can use your concentration and your attention to be better and bring you more. Cut out the costs that you have going on recurring expenses that you don’t need, and you give your bottom line a huge boost.


You could earn more money and increase your overall profits by expanding to a new area. It doesn’t have to be a global adventure; even the next town over could benefit from what you are offering as a business, and you can be the best in the area because of it. Do your market research to see if there is a need for your product locally, and you will be able to tell if growth and expansion are right for you.

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