10 Lessons I Learnt From Working 15 Years in Advertising

The world of advertising is one that is filled with changes and the need to adapt. Spending 15 years in advertising is a long time but what I have learnt during this time?

1. You can always improve

It is all too easy to jump into the industry thinking that you are invincible when in reality, you are just beginning. It is all a learning curve and sometimes, confidence can get the better of you. Whether you are advertising a blog by UB or working on a big campaign for a large global company, you can always improve.

2. Success happens when you spread your wings

The truth is, if you want to succeed, then you need to look for opportunities. If you get yourself stuck at the same agency where you become part of the furniture, you won’t succeed. So try and make the most of opportunities and even go looking for them because success is not something that will happen if you sit still.

3. Don’t say no

There are good jobs and there are some awful jobs but in advertising, you have to take the rough with the smooth. While good jobs keep you satisfied, you sometimes have to take on the bad jobs. Sometimes, it is not the good jobs that give you success and glory because often, the bad jobs are what can bring the best out of you.

4. Make the right choices

When heading out on your journey through the world of advertising, you have to think about your career strategically. You can make some bad decisions that can leave you struggling but you can also make decisions that work for you on every level. Some times, a bad decision is not that until you have made it. However, if you do make it, it is how you get back on track that matters.

5. It pays to be different

In advertising, it is all too easy to follow the crowd. You find yourself talking the same talk and making the same decision and they are not always right. So, think about your creativity and individuality and use that to enhance your career and make the most of opportunities. If you can stand out and make your ideas known then you can go a long way.

6. Respect your ideas

Advertising is all about brainstorming and coming up with ideas. However, even the bad ideas need respect because they can lead to good ideas. If you are a team leader, then you can inspire individuals with good and bad ideas, even if you are looking as though you are going to fail.

7. The Impossible can happen with inspirational ideas

Advertising is all about inspiration. Whether you are inspiring others to come up with ideas or inspiring consumers to make a decision, it all hinges on this. However, if you can inspire individuals to perform, then you too can help the impossible to happen such as winning contracts that you had no right of ever winning.

8. Listen to your clients and follow them

The reality is that you could come up with the very best ideas. You can believe that you have everything in place, only for your client to hate it all. Therefore, you should take the time to understand your client’s business. It is common for advertisers to believe that their clients have no idea but they know what is needed for their brand.

So, give them something that puts them on the map but also something that they want. This is what I have found from my 15 years in advertising.

9. Try your best in every job

While some advertising jobs or agencies will leave you feeling unhappy, it important that you always give your all. Being honest with yourself is crucial but try to stick at it. It will surprise you but you will definitely come away with insight and experience.

10. Look after your health and your brain!

In advertising, you always to keep looking for that next idea. Therefore, your brain and your health are crucial. So keep yourself fit, healthy and alert!


Image Credit: Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

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